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The Keltruck Nottingham Branch warmed our hearts with their efforts in fundraising for the Olivia Appeal in 2011 when all the staff at the branch joined together to support the cause. Geraldine Page, General Administrator for the branch, initiated the charity work which involved help from every member of staff, and even included the local Sutton, Groby and Worksop Keltruck branches and their families.

Olivia Francis, granddaughter of Keltruck Nottingham’s customer, Adrian Francis, owner of ALF Transport, was born on Christmas Day 2009 with a combination of two conditions – optic nerve Hypoplasia/Atrophy causing Olivia to be completely blind and an underdeveloped pituitary gland. Olivia was granted stem cell treatment in China in the hope that it will give her sight that she has never had, however, stem cell treatment comes with a hefty price tag and is only possible with the kind generosity and much needed help from other people; thus The Olivia Appeal was founded by Olivia’s family.

On 29th October, Keltruck Nottingham held a ‘Halloween Family Open Day’ at the branch all in aid of raising money for Olivia’s treatment and since then, Gemma Lacey, Olivia’s mother, has confirmed that the fund now stands in excess of £32,000 giving Gemma the green light to begin to register Olivia for her treatment. The treatment is said to take up to 12 months to show any signs of success, but the achievements that have been made so far to even make this possible for Olivia are outstanding. Graham Page, Nottingham Branch Manager commented:

“The Olivia Appeal was a great success, raising just over £5,000 through help from friends, family, colleagues, customers and beyond, and the icing on the cake was the donation of £10,000 from our very own Chris Kelly.”

Since then, and because of the success, Nottingham have decided to get involved in raising money for another cause, linked with the Tour de Branch venture involving Paul Green’s charity, ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’. The main reason for this is to sponsor two terminally ill children on their dream trip to Lapland to visit Father Christmas.

“Our target for this year is to raise £2,000 by November and if we can reach this then we can send two children on their trip of a lifetime, and if we raise any more then that would be excellent. We have previously had a raffle for a model concrete mixer kindly donated by Keltruck which totalled to just over £204 and we are currently planning another event for the summer.

“As to why do we do it, well it is important we help anyone we can especially children, after all they are our future generation.”

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