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There are probably a few versions of how Keltruck came to be, but the truth is that I was with Mike, selling used trucks out of Willenhall and Wolverhampton. We started to rent out high spec’d new DAFs. I saw the light and bought some new Scanias and had a phone call one day from Scania GB out of the blue, asking would I like to meet various folk from Scania, eventually their MD Anders Siewertz. Anders asked if I wanted become a dealer for Scania.

It wasn’t something I’d considered – and certainly not something I was expecting – and needed masses of capital that was tied up in used trucks. However, cut a long story short, we sold the used trucks (and everything else we could) – and the rest, as they say, is history!

I remember the first new Scania that we sold as a ‘distributor’, as were called back then, and, turning to Mike, I said “If we can’t make more than this, we won’t be doing this for very long.” We sell new trucks often for much less today! They were, as they say, ‘the good old days’ and the business is very different now, with new vehicle sales a loss leader. The emphasis now, though, is very much around service and operational efficiencies – but there’s fortunately still a bit left for the entrepreneurial approach with elements such as used trucks and recycling (the latter is even fashionable these days, too).

For me, though, the industry has always been about the people, and there have been plenty of characters along the way – and these hold the fondest of memories. Amongst those who have departed this life are Don Taylor, of Taylors of Martley, and my old and dear friend, Alan Murrall of Bomwur Haulage. His premature loss was a waste of such incredible talent. Both were dear friends.

Whilst I enjoy my retirement playing with more old cars and motorbikes than I can shake a stick at, my advice to the team remains that ‘it’s all about people’. There are so many nice people to deal with that, if you find you are dealing with someone totally unreasonable, then move on and find another lovely person to spend your valuable time with. There are lots of really nice folk out there; go find them!

I’d also just like to say thank you for the business over the years – but most of all thanks for the memories. It has been a challenge at times, but great fun, too.

Chris Kelly
Founder & owner

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