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Mike Kelly worked with Chris Kelly, man and boy, for several years prior to Keltruck. At its inception in 1983 Mike worked as an Area Sales Executive – which involved managing his predefined area of customers – and has since moved up through the ranks from Sales Manager, to Sales Director in 1993 and now Fleet Sales Director.

“I was promoted beyond my level of competence to Sales Director in 1993, our 10th year of trading and the first year we achieved lead market share. I managed to swim in the deep end without drowning and hopefully contributed a bit. My current role is Fleet Sales Director, which I acquired in 2009, which involves looking after most of our larger fleet operators as far as sales relationships are concerned and also trying to develop and cultivate new clients. But if you ask me, I just do what I do best… socialise.

“Keltruck’s main aim 30 years ago was about selling the Scania product, which wouldn’t have got us very far in today’s industry as we now provide customers with the whole range of Scania products and services. The primary focus today is all about the customer base – we aim to retain existing customers as well as forming relationships with new ones. Our business is all about relationships – we have customers with us today that have been working with us for 30 years.”


Keltruck Celebrates 30 Years in Business - Jan 15, 2009 | 30 Years

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