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Back in late-90s Keltruck’s founder, Chris Kelly, was aware of the growing importance of e-mail and the internet which was still in itsWEBSITE infancy with most websites being clunky and difficult to navigate. At the time Scania did not offer any dealer website solution and, indeed, the website was only in its infancy.

Seeing the power of the world wide web to reach new markets, particularly abroad, for used Scania trucks and parts, Chris asked his good friend John Goodwin of Goodwin plc to send the top man from his burgeoning IT business, Internet Central in Keele, to visit Keltruck West Bromwich to discuss a Keltruck website. In early 1998 went live and, over the next couple of years, more and more content was added to the original used Scania parts offering – used stock began to be added followed by after sales information such as depot details and information about the West Bromwich bodyshop.

The launch of the website in 1998 made Keltruck the first commercial vehicle dealer in the UK to go online and, possibly, the first independent Scania dealer in the world to have a website.

By the early noughties Scania began providing a dealer website solution and, in early 2004, switched over to this platform in a project led by Chris Kelly the younger (then marketing manager), where it has remained and flourished ever since.
Today there are 1,300 pages and the site receives over 7,000 visits per month. In recent years even more content has been included – such as the company’s social media channels – and website visits are driven by e-newsletter campaigns making Keltruck one of the most sophisticated truck dealers of the online, digital era.
E-COMMERCE – KELTRUCK.COM/SHOP offers quick and easy access to hundreds of recycled Scania parts plus consumables which you can select, purchase and have delivered from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.

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