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Scania Announces P- and R-Series Range Product News

Scania has announced a wide selection of product news and updates for its P- and R-series range, scheduled for introduction during 2005/6. Included is the company’s Euro 4 engine programme, two new Euro 5 engine models, a complete new family of gearboxes, an extended range of fleet management services and a set of new features aimed at boosting safety and efficiency.

ENGINES:  Scania’s modular range for Euro 3, 4 and 5

Complementing its existing selection of Euro 3 power units, Scania has launched a new range of engines which comply with the Euro 4 emissions standard coming into force from October 2006.  Included here is a new 620 horsepower variant of Scania’s 16-litre engine, which is set to become the most powerful V8 on the market.

While all six-cylinder Euro 4 Scania engines are identical in power-output to their Euro 3 counterparts, the driveability of the new models has been enhanced through broader peak-torque bands and a more rapid build-up of torque at low revs.

Also announced at this time are two Euro 5 variants of the 12-litre R 420 and 16-litre R 500 engines.  Although Euro 5 does not become mandatory until October 2009, these engines are being introduced ahead of the legislation for operators wishing to benefit from tax and road-pricing incentives, such as the German motorway MAUT system.

9-litre 11-litre 12-litre 16-litre
Euro 3 P230 P270 P310 P340 P380 P420
R470 R500 R580
Euro 4 P230 P270 P310 P340 P380 R420 R470 R500 R560 R620
Euro 5 R420 R500

The new range builds upon Scania’s modular engine concept, which has been complete since the introduction of the new five-cylinder unit in 2004.  The entire range utilises the same combustion chamber, thus enabling Scania to focus and concentrate its injection and combustion processes on a single design.  This modular philosophy also means that a large number of engine components are shared between the different models, thereby making training, servicing and parts supply highly efficient.

Exhaust emissions control: Scania EGR/SCR

All Scania’s in-line engines (nine-, 11- and 12-litre) utilise cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) to reduce emissions to Euro 4 levels.  For Euro 4, Scania has developed its own EGR system that retains Euro 3 efficiency while cutting emissions of nitrogen oxides by 30 percent and of particulates by 80 percent.   On its V8 engines, Scania will use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet Euro 4 and, initally, Euro 5.

SCR technology, which depends upon the injection of a urea solution into the exhaust system, is required to secure the performance and cooling capacity of Scania’s high-performance V8s.

GEARBOXES: New family of lighter and stronger transmissions

Following 15 years of successful service, Scania’s entire gearbox range will be renewed during 2006.  Together with the new engines, these gearboxes form part of Scania’s optimised range of powertrains which provide a wide choice of options to suit virtually every transport operation.  The new gearboxes feature higher torque capacity and weight savings of up to 69 kilogrammes over the current range have been achieved.

New six-speed unit

Included in the range is a new six-speed gearbox, designated the G670, which provides a high-torque transmission unit for the urban distribution sector.  With a three-gate shift pattern as per a six-speed passenger car, this gearbox is supplied by ZF and represents a weight saving of 87 kilogrammes compared to the eight-speed gearbox in the present range.

The full line-up of gearboxes in the new programme is:

G670:  Six-speed gearbox for power-outputs of 230 and 270 hp.
GR875:  Eight-speed range-change for power-outputs from 230 to 340 hp.
GRS895:  12-speed range-split for power-outputs from 230 to 420 hp.
GR905:  Eight-speed plus one crawler for power-outputs from 230 to 470 hp.
GRS905: 12-speed plus two crawlers for power-outputs from 340 to 560 hp.
GRSO905: 12-speed overdrive plus two crawlers for 310 to 620 hp engines.
The new range is a completely new family of gearboxes which are both lighter and stronger than current models.  Scania Opticruise and the Scania Retarder are available as options in all units except for the G670 and GR905 (Retarder only).  When fitted, both Scania Opticruise and the Scania Retarder are fully integrated into the transmission through Scania’s CAN-bus system.

SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY:  Range of new features introduced

Scania’s on-going focus on safety in research and development is generating a flow of new features, many of which are enabled due to the advanced CAN-bus technology in the company’s new truck range.  A summary of new safety-related product releases is as follows:

Seatbelt reminder:  Improved to Euro-NCAP standard the system alerts an unbelted driver with a buzzer and light when the road speed exceeds 25 km/h.
Electronic Stability Program (ESP):  Being introduced as an option on several rigid configurations (4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×2*4) in addition to the 4×2, 6×2 and 6×2/4 tractor units available now.
Hill-hold:  Being introduced as an option to electronically maintain brake pressure to hold the truck on an uphill or downhill gradient until the clutch is engaged and the vehicle begins to move.
Brake assist:  A system which senses if the driver applies the brakes heavily or abruptly and supports the driver by applying greater braking effort to make best use of the friction available.
Fade warning:  Alerts on the trip computer display if brake disc temperature is excessive. (Disc brakes are fade resistent ‘by nature’.  This warning refers to extreme conditions caused by incorrect brake use or defects).
Parking brake reminder:  Alerts a driver who inadvertently leaves the driver’s seat without applying the park brake.
Air consumption warning:  Alerts the driver in two steps (green and amber warning lights) in cases of high or critical consumption of air.
Trailer axle lock:  Enables the steered axles of a semi-trailer to be fixed in the straight ahead position from the driver’s seat to facilitate reversing.
Efficiency in operation

The range of efficiency-enhancing measures announced include extended air deflectors to help improve airflow behind the cab of a tractor unit, a dashboard display giving levels of engine oil and AdBlue, a low windscreen washer fluid level display and a warning alerting the driver should the lights remain on when the ignition is turned off.

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