//Scania launches Euro 6 and Streamline product course

Scania launches Euro 6 and Streamline product course

As part of its on-going work to deliver the best possible transport economy, Scania (Great Britain) Limited has launched a one-day Streamline Euro 6 product course to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical experience of this new product delivered in a cost-effective and convenient manner.

“The introduction of the Streamline vehicle represents a significant development for Scania product, coupled with Euro 6 it has the potential to considerably affect operating costs,” says David Hickman, Director – Services Development & Service Sales for Scania (Great Britain) Limited. “For example, in a recent independent test it was found that the fuel consumption of an experienced driver on a known route could be increased by as much as four percent when using the latest technology to best effect.

“To get the best from our Streamline Euro 6 vehicles, it is essential that managers appreciate the technology in order to understand what is required to achieve maximum efficiency in operation.”

The one-day Streamline Euro 6 familiarisation course can be delivered to up to four delegates at a time, depending upon experience.

For further information and course bookings, operators are invited to contact Scania’s Optimise Services team on 0844 800 9131 or by emailing optimise.services@scania.com

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