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Scania’s New UK Range of Euro 4 Buses and Coaches

Following the introduction of a number of new models Scania’s line-up of Euro 4 buses and coaches for the UK market is now complete. All chassis and most body/chassis combinations are available now, with all options being available from September 2006. Additionally, Scania is now offering a full two year repair and maintenance package with every new coach sold.

“With a vehicle for virtually every type of passenger carrying application, our bus and coach range is more comprehensive than ever before,” comments Scania (Great Britain) Limited’s Sales Director – Bus, Coach and Engines, Geoff Bell.  “Add to that the nationwide network of Bus & Coach Specialists we have established as part of the Scania UK service network, plus the 1,000 more Scania service centres throughout Europe, and I believe our overall product offering today is truly second-to-none.”

A summary of vehicles within the range is shown in the table below.


Scania Irizar ‘S-Kool’ school coach
Scania Irizar InterCentury two-axle inter-urban/touring coach
Scania Irizar Century two-axle touring coach
Scania Irizar PB two- and three-axle luxury touring coach
Berkhof Axial 50 single-deck touring coach
Berkhof Axial 100 double-deck touring coach

Scania nine-litre: 230, 270 and 310 horsepower
Scania 12-litre: 340, 380, 420 and 470 horsepower

ZF five- and six- speed fully automatic
Scania GR801 Comfort Shift
Scania Opticruise available on all models

Scania OmniCity low floor, 12m single/double deck or articulated
Scania OmniLink low entrance, 12m two-axle single deck
13.7m three-axle double deck
East Lancashire single and double deck

Scania nine-litre 230, 270 and 310 horsepower

ZF five- and six-speed fully automatic


1.  Euro 4 orders.  The following is a synopsis of Scania’s Euro 4 bus and coach orders to date:

National Express:

Reading Transport:

Nottingham City Transport:


Elite Services:

The King’s Ferry:

Austin Clark: 44 off K340EB 4×2 Caetano Levante
12 x OmniCity 12m low floor
3 x OmniLink 13.7m low entrance
2 x OmniCity 12m low floor
2 x K340EB 4×2 Berkhof Axial 50
1 x K340EB 6×2*4 Scania Irizar PB
1 x K 340EB 6×2*4 Scania Irizar PB
1 x K 380EB 6×2*4 Berkhop Axial 100

2.  Ethanol buses:  With ethanol now becoming available in the UK, a Scania OmniCity double-deck ethanol-powered bus is currently under construction.  This vehicle will arrive in the UK during the late summer of 2006 and will be used as a demonstrator to test operator reaction.

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