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Scania OnBoard

Saving you money every mile

Get OnBoard with Scania – Improving Business Performance and Profit

OnBoard, Scania’s telematics product, will help you increase your operational efficiency and vehicle uptime whilst saving you money day after day. It does so much more than just tell you where your vehicles are.

It is already fitted to your truck – all Scania trucks built after January 2011 are ready to be activated meaning we simply send the vehicle a message and you are up and running.

Get OnBoard today and start seeing the benefits within 48 hours. Simply call our specialists on 0845 602 0341 or e-mail:

Two packages, flexibility to suit any business

Control package

Our most comprehensive package includes regular position reporting as well as access to driver and vehicle performance data.

Monitor Package

This service provides weekly, monthly and yearly pdf style reports sent to any email address you choose.

We have developed two online training modules for our OnBoard services. The training covers both the tachograph services and driver/vehicle performance (Fleet Management Portal). It is designed for:

  • Customers who have the system already
  • Customers who are thinking about buying the system

The training is free to use and can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Each person taking part in the training creates their own individual username and password and they can complete it all in one go, in sections or by dipping in and out as they like. The system remembers where you were when you left so you can automatically start at the same point. There is a feedback section that allows you to provide feedback straight to the team at Scania (Great Britain) in Milton Keynes.

Andrew Bentley
Keltruck Limited

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