Fleet Management

Details Matter. Coasting, heavy braking or idling – what detail can you change? Improved driver performance can save up to 10% in fuel economy.

Take control of your fleet and get the most out of your business. Scania’s Fleet Management Services helps you identify and act upon the key details needed to increase the productivity of your fleet. The hardware is already installed in all new Scania vehicles* – just activate it to connect yourself to your fleet’s data.

Keep track of your fleet wherever you are.

Download the Scania Fleet Management App

Just use your FMS portal login to access the same functions in your smart phone app.

Keep track of your fleet’s important data and spot deviations in real time — before they become a problem. With this free* app the details that matter are in the palm of your hand.

You can also access the Scania Messaging Service through the app. This allows for instant messaging across your workforce, including texts, photos, positions and even historical communications.

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Available Packages


  • Full fleet data on all your vehicles.


  • Connecting data on vehicles and drivers to map location in real time.

Data Access

  • Seamless integration with existing systems.

The monitoring package is not only free, it’s pre-installed. Contact us now to get started.

Contact us to get the package that serves your needs.

Getting started with the Monitoring Package is both easy and free*. Just contact your Scania representative to activate it – the hardware is already installed in all new Scania vehicles*. Upgrading your package to get key detail analysis and even more control over your fleet is just as easy. Get in touch with us to upgrade now.

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* Scania pursues an active policy of product development and improvement. For this reason the company reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. Furthermore, due to national or EU legal requirements, some products and services may not be available in all local markets. For further information in these respects, please contact your dealer.

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