Classic Scania Trucks from Keltruck

Keltruck started a collection of classic Scania trucks some years ago. The vehicles are shown at various Keltruck branches and industry events.

This 1995 Scania R143 450 V8 Streamline was meticulously restored by the Keltruck bodyshop team in 2019 & is based at Keltruck West Bromwich where it is used for towing the low-loader to transport the other classic vehicles or the Keltruck show trailer to various truck events.

Recently acquired classic Scania 141 V8.

Recently acquired classic Scania 143 V8 Streamline Centurion centenary edition.

Scania 112 sold by Keltruck’s Ivor Morris as a new vehicle in 1987 & now part of Keltruck’s classic collection having been operated latterly by Derek Cooper Transport.

This classic 1984 Scania R142 V8 was fully restored by the Keltruck bodyshop team in 2019 and first displayed at Convoy in the Park.

The truck was completed in Westmid livery, our founder Chris Kelly‘s company before he founded Keltruck in 1983.

This classic 1999 Scania 124 400 T-Cab was fully restored by the Keltruck bodyshop team & completed in 2013.

The T-cab was acquired in a part exchange deal, not only to woo the crowds at Keltruck events, but also to transport the Keltruck exhibition trailer to events. Click here to read about this remarkable project.

This 1988 T143MA4x2NZ400 bonneted T-cab has been fully restored by its previous owner and had been retired in the Isle of Man for a number of years.

Now at Keltruck West Bromwich, the vehicle has had a full interior refurbishment ready to show from 2012.

1968 Scania LB110 which has never been registered and has covered little more than 30,000 miles from new. The truck is still in its original condition and was owned by the British Government for over 35 years and rested at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA).

This vehicle is currently kept at Keltruck West Bromwich.

1978 Scania LB81HS31 4×2 tractor unit which proudly shows its original livery for Smith Brother Services of Cheshire, established in 1969.

This vehicle stands alongside our Scania 1977 141 in Keltruck Willenhall‘s reception.

1977 Scania 141 V8 which was new to Martintrux running mainly to Italy. Purchased by Keltruck in 2011, the truck has been restored including many new parts such as wings, grills, doors and floor pan.

This vehicle is currently standing proudly in Keltruck Willenhall‘s reception.

Click here for a selection of beautiful classic Scania vehicles owned by Keltruck customers.

Click here for Marcus Wallenberg Hall (the Scania museum) in Södertälje, Sweden, the home of Scania.

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