Fixed Price Repairs for your Scania truck, bus or coach

At Keltruck Scania we are continuously looking for ways to make your everyday business easier to manage. And when it comes to repairs, we think that helping you avoid unexpected costs is a great way to achieve that.

Why are we introducing fixed price repairs?
To help make life easier. For most repair work, you will now know the total fitted price in advance – no surprises on your invoice. And that invoice will be straightforward and easy to understand with no more confusing parts costs and hourly rates. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How does Scania calculate fixed price repairs?
Scania has used its extensive experience to identify how long it takes to carry out specific workshop tasks most efficiently. The price you pay will be based upon those times. Our fixed prices also include parts, any related items that also need to be changed and consumables, such as oil. Quite simply, we’ve taken the guesswork out of repair estimates. Most fixed prices will appear in our published price list, or our local Scania dealer will be able to advise the cost when you call to book your vehicle in.

What happens if we find another fault while the vehicle is in the workshop?
If, while working on your vehicle, we find another part that should be repaired, we will call you before we take any action to let you know what is involved.

Are there any preconditions for fixed price repairs?
Our fixed price repairs are available on all Scania vehicles which are not covered by a Scania Support Programme. All we ask is that the vehicle is in normal condition and free from equipment that might prevent normal access such as catwalks.

What will the invoice look like?
The invoice will be completely straightforward. It will simply state the repair and total charge, as it appears in the price list.

Will fixed price repairs affect my delivery time?
From our perspective, fixed price repairs mean better workshop planning and more accurate delivery times. That means better, more responsive service, assurance of parts availability, and higher uptime for you.

Fixed Price Repair calculator
Click here to use our FPR calculator.

Please call your local Keltruck depot for more information or to book your first fixed price repair.

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Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing