Customer Testimonials – New Sales

Kash Chaudry, Crown Waste Management

A proud moment for everyone in our organisation that embarked on this journey well over 20 years ago.

A humbling day for myself seeing 10 bits of kit drop in one go.

It’s been some journey over the years with plenty of bumps, struggles and obstacles thrown at us but we kept our head down and kept on moving.

We have been supported, trusted, and been given opportunities by a lot of people who had faith in us. Thank you.

Darrell Simner, Transport Manager, Hill & Smith Barriers

We’ve rebranded our organisation as a whole under Hill & Smith Infrastructure and wanted to get consistency across the business. We have two Scania vehicles in our fleet at Bilston and a mixed fleet of 30 across the business. Keltruck’s sales team have been great and did everything we asked. We use Willenhall depot from service point of view, and cannot fault their efforts.

Andrew Somerset, Owner, FR Somerset Limited

The business has been operating for many generations now, covering the nation to meet the needs of the ever-changing industry. As the business is 24 hours, it is vital to us that our vehicles are maintained to a high standard, which is why we opt for servicing from the main dealer.

The Scania fleet is relatively new to our business but the drivers like the vehicles, and with the support from Calum Crooks in sales and Matt Mawer in service we have continued with more additions to our fleet.

Michael Quinn, M. F. Quinn

Our vehicles are supplied by Keltruck and financed by Scania Financial Services, both of whom we have an excellent relationship with. In particular, Keltruck’s sales executive Russ Kelly works closely with SFS’s Ian Kavanagh and us to provide the trucks and finance packages we need to ensure the ongoing success of our business. In practice, it works really well; SFS have a flexible, can-do attitude which enables us to work the way we prefer. For example, we like to keep our SFS account in credit rather than pay by direct debit, as that suits our business model. Also, we had a recent example where we were going to pay the VAT on a new truck up front, but when the sale of an existing vehicle fell through, SFS changed our arrangement even though the finance for the new vehicle was already live. That kind of flexibility makes a real difference and is a key reason why SFS is our first choice finance provider.

The other point I would note is that both Keltruck and SFS are extremely easy to deal with; they never fail to respond and communicate with me – and good communications are really important to me. All-in-all, it’s an excellent relationship which makes things easy for us – Keltruck and SFS are a great team and a pleasure to do business with.

James Waters, Director, BJ Waters (Transport) Limited and Geo. Siddall (Transport) Limited

During a casual conversation with Keltruck’s chairman, Chris D. Kelly, he queried why our fleet didn’t feature the Scania product, which got us thinking. Following this we trialed the demonstrators and had many meetings with Keltruck’s sales team before adding the Scania vehicles to the fleet. We haven’t looked back since.

Philip Cordingley, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, Pump Supplies Limited

From: Philip Cordingley
Sent: Friday, June 9, 2023 10:48 AM
Subject: New Lorry – BV23TKK

Good Morning,

We have recently taken delivery of our new P320B and, as always, we are very pleased with the vehicle.

We have had a number of similar Scania trucks over the years and I would like to pass on some positive feedback. Very often, human nature means we are quick to complain, but don’t often pass on our thanks!

The vehicles themselves have always been excellent and on the rare occasions when things have gone wrong, the Keltruck network has been quick to respond to get us on the road again. We primarily use the Cheltenham and Cross Hands depots and I would like to pass on my thanks to the staff there. My praise also includes the service provided by Scania Assistance.

In addition, our drivers have always been very happy with the trucks and if that means that I’m not having ear bent by them, I’m happy!

In particular I’d like to on my thanks to Chris Purvis, who I have dealt with for a number of years. Chris is very helpful, personable and knowledgeable about the product. I have relied on him for support and guidance to ensure we get the products that we need and he’s always been happy to help. We are not truck experts and his support has been very much appreciated over the years. It is also very welcome to deal with the same person time and again; he understands the product that we need and we know we’ll get excellent service throughout the process of ordering a new truck, through to handover, when it arrives.

Please could you pass on my thanks to Chris for his continued hard work and support.


Philip Cordingley

Pump Supplies Ltd

Robert Hopkins & Son Limited

At Robert Hopkins Environmental we are proud to provide swift, safe, efficient & effective service. We deliver this with the best fleet and best transport team, ensuring our customers know they can trust us to do what we say we will, on time.

Our valued partnerships with Keltruck Scania and Fred Smith not only enable our fleet to deliver great service… but also arrive in style!

Thank you & well done to all the team involved for today’s magnificent #Scania #V8.

Oliver Dymott Tony Biddlestone #thankyou #partnerships #transport #wastemanagement #longtermvalue

Kevin Davies, Managing Director, John F. Hunt Power

We are delighted to receive our new fleet of Scania trucks from Keltruck, helping us deliver the high-quality service that our customers have come to expect. They are excellent vehicles in every respect.

Lee Aston, Director, National Pile Croppers Limited

New addition to the National Pile Croppers fleet – a very slick Scania P280 XT.

It has been a pleasure to work with Calum Crooks, our very thorough account manager from Keltruck Scania.

Scott Witheford, Managing Director, Scotts Plant & Haulage

We aim to be the best in our field. We have chosen Scania trucks as we consider them to be the best – they are reliable, minimising down time, and they are fuel efficient too.

We don’t want to be involved with the repair and maintenance of our trucks in-house, so we have opted to take a package to cover their upkeep for the entire length of time we intend to own them. Keltruck Droitwich always go the extra mile for us – providing a first-class service for the life of the truck with repairs, maintenance and parts when we need them.

We enjoy dealing with Keltruck – Tony Biddlestone makes sure we get the right spec trucks and looks after us on the purchasing. The tippers look good with our livery and the drivers like them. All in all they fit in well with what we want to achieve.

Mike Monaghan, Point 2 Point Haulage Contractors

Point 2 Point has a good relationship with Keltruck. We have absolutely no reason to try anyone else.

The trucks are on a service and maintenance contract and so too is our plant trailer. We’ve got the whole package with them at Keltruck Scania Droitwich. Doing the truck and the trailer is a really big thing for us, but more importantly the vehicles are maintained and greased properly.

Christopher Wanish, Hillcrest Logistics

Thanks Tony Biddlestone credit to you and the team at Keltruck Scania West Bromwich. Nothing was a problem. Cheers!

Lee Graham, Operations Director, Moran Logistics Limited

Our new Scanias starting to arrive. They look fantastic – well done Calum at Keltruck.

Nathan Smith, Director, RS Transport (Midlands) Limited

Delighted with the delivery of our new Scania XT. Another great addition to a growing fleet of tippers. It’s coming together now!

Brilliant truck and service from Russ Kelly and everyone at Keltruck Scania. Now let’s put it to work.

S. Porretta & Sons Limited

With great pleasure we welcome R800 to our fleet – a 32 tonne 8 wheeler – to join our other 32 tonners. However as they have a 71tm crane which reduces their payload, this has a 40tm crane which means it has a payload of 13t.

Thank you to Keltruck’s Russ Kelly.

Marcus Clay, Managing Director, MAC Contracting Limited

Thank you Russ Kelly. Great to be dealing with Keltruck Scania again after a some time away.

Back to where we began back in 1997 with our first Scania from Keltruck, courtesy of a young Mr Dave Morgan – only seems like 5 minutes ago!

Midland Rock (Leicester) Limited

First of three arriving from Keltruck Scania looking fantastic in the summer sun & coming onto a site near you soon!

Pretty sure there will be a very happy pilot for this beaut of truck.

Certainly a great way to start the week!

Adrian Hammonds, Director, Birway Garage Limited

Fantastic truck. Thank you Keltruck Scania & Tony Biddlestone and thank you to Rolfo for another fantastic car transporter body/trailer.

JPE Holdings Limited

Thanks for your assistance, Tony Biddlestone. I’m not sure Woody has come down off the ceiling yet. To say he is a happy man is an understatement! #aggregates #haulage

Steve Bird, Transport Manager, Consort Limited

I had been out in FJ69 ZJE and I think it true to say this is quite probably the very best truck I’ve ever driven.

I know it’s pretty much the same as the others in our small fleet but it just feels that tiny little bit better (and the others are really GOOD).

Ian Adderley, Group Transport Manager, Tican (Chilled) Limited

Keltruck’s name is well known throughout the industry for quality and choosing the Scania product, another leading player in the market place, made sense and fits with our commitment to increased sustainability.

We strongly believe in our responsibility to decrease our carbon footprint and help the fragile environment. Alternative fuels are the future and choosing gas trucks was an easy business decision. With gas infrastructure increasing monthly we saw the potential for cost savings straight away – and our data analysis proves us to be correct.

ASB Transport Limited

Thanks to Russ Kelly for the guidance with the spec of the truck and the smooth transition.

Tom PrichardTom Prichard Contracting Limited

Our fleet of mainly Scania lorries includes articulated lorries, eight-wheeled tipper lorries, a beaver tail, skip loaders and road sweepers.

We have recently taken delivery of three additional Scania G 410CB 8X4MHZ construction vehicles, which are complete with Thompson Muckaway tipper bodies and Thompson sheeting systems, all supplied by Keltruck.

I’m very pleased with the fuel economy on the new Scania tippers recently supplied by Keltruck. In addition we are seeing improved fuel economy in the Terex Finlay J-1160 stone crusher which is also conveniently powered by a Scania industrial engine.

It’s always very straightforward dealing with Keltruck and Scania Finance. It’s just a good all-round service which is backed up by the industry knowledge of Peter Harris of Keltruck and Rob & Matt at SFGB, with whom we’re doing our seventh or eighth deal.

For added safety our vehicles have been fitted with a passenger side ‘vision door’ designed and installed by Keltruck to give the driver a valuable line of sight to potential cyclists or hazards on the nearside of the vehicle.

In addition, the vehicles are equipped with the latest side cameras, side sensors and an audible alarm for cyclists and pedestrians when the vehicle is turning left.

James Clarke, Head of Transport, Nationwide Platforms Limited

There were three key factors behind our decision to move to Scania: proven low total cost of operation, excellent reliability and the P-series cab’s ability to achieve a 3-star Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating when equipped with Scania’s City Safe window.

Although it’s early days we are already seeing the fuel saving benefits Scania delivers compared to other vehicles in our fleet.

Previous operating experience has shown me how reliable the Scania product is – quite simply, less seems to go wrong with them. And when you do need assistance, Scania has an excellent UK service network. This is essential for us as these vehicles will be based around our depots nationwide.

The third factor – the P-cab’s 3-star DVS rating – is also especially important as London is a key area of operation for us and a 3-star DVS rating will become mandatory in 2024.

Dave Higgs, Logistics Compliance Manager, A. F. Blakemore & Son Limited

The new Scania P-cab vehicles are perfect for the company’s operation, which is mainly within towns and cities, giving us the visibility we need. Support from Keltruck keeps our vehicles compliant and serviced, giving peace of mind.

Mark Fowles, Director, William Gilder Group

William Gilder Group has worked with Keltruck and Scania for many years and our company has committed to over 40 Scania vehicles in the last five years. We have recently moved from R450 to S500 units and our operational teams are delighted with the improved fuel economy, redesigned cab layout and the tag axle which is perfect for the type of work we do day to day.

Steven Leadbeater, Transport/Depot Manager, Total Rail Solutions

The Scania V8 650S is the drivers’ choice and work horse that’s proven faultless and most reliable. It also looks great with our livery.

The new vehicles will support the current Total Rail Solutions fleet with our work bank and future projects.

Thank you Richard Woodland and Keltruck Scania Cardiff.

Mike Monaghan, Plant & Transport Manager, The Coleman Group

The trucks are great – the drivers are well impressed with them. Thank you Jon-Paul Allenza for the help in supplying them and making the process so easy.

Nigel M. Cox, Director, W. Cox Transport Limited

I have recently taken delivery of a Scania G410 8×4 tipper, and would like to thank the team for the excellent service we have received, from Tony Biddlestone in sales through to both the workshop & bodyshop teams.

The workmanship on the vehicle has been exceptional.

Stephen Morgan, A T Morgan and Son

A T Morgan and Son is a privately owned family business currently run by myself as son of the founder. Our company specialises in UK and European transportation of anything from full 28 ton loads to individual pallets. The company has a strong mission to respect the business of our customers and as such also values good customer service from their service providers. A T Morgan and Son operate from our secure site in Swansea Bay.

At A T Morgan and Son we have always admired the Scania range but have been loyal to Mercedes for thirty years. However, over the last couple of years we have purchased two Volvos in order to diversify our fleet. Recently Peter Harris, Keltruck Scania Account Manager, approached me with a deal for three stock Scania R450 trucks and the time was right to test the brand and add them to our fleet.

My expectations were met immediately with delivery time frame and a service package at Keltruck Scania Cross Hands. Everything was customised to suit the way we work so ‘the deal was done’.

The three tractor units were delivered on time as promised and have now been with us just over six months. They are all returning good efficient fuel figures at an average of over 9.5mpg and the dedicated drivers are over the moon with them. The servicing so far has been spot on – even through the current Covid 19 pandemic – where flexibility has been key.

Peter has a great approach, is very accessible and has a great product knowledge.

Thank you, from us all at A. T. Morgan and Son, to Peter and the team at Keltruck.

Marc Copson, MAC Surfacing

Thank you Tony Biddlestone for the outstanding service, especially given the climate we are in. Very happy with today’s delivery.

Jon Sutton, Transport Manager, Simec Transport Limited

Just want to say thank you for getting me this truck literally within a week from order to collection. Especially I’d like to say thank you to Richard Woodland.

The truck is performing well against its counterparts. We run all loads on maximum capacity at 44t, therefore performance and fuel consumption are highly important for me. Currently the R500 is performing better than the rest and to top it off she looks great in our colours. Once again, thank you to Keltruck.

Steve Allison, Portable Offices (Hire) Limited

Today was my first real trip in my awesome new Scania 500S. Man alive what a truck! What a difference! I’ve had Scania now for 12 years, my last being a 60 plate 440 R Series. She has been an absolute joy to drive and night out in but now I’ve been given the chance to jump ahead some 10 years with this new beauty and how Scania have progressed in such a positive and unbelievable leap into the future. I can honestly say I’ve never driven anything like this. Talk about ‘Driver & truck become one’! Well done Scania & special thanks to Tony Biddlestone & crew at Keltruck West Bromwich and Truck & Marine Cranes at Cheadle, Staffs.

Jason Reeves, Logistics Manager, Envirowales Limited

Having been driving a variety of truck makes since I passed my test in 1994 it has always been Scania that stood out for me. But it’s not all about the truck itself – as a Transport Manager you expect the economy and the technology that comes with a Scania, but just as important is the sales process and the aftersales services etc. I have to say that Keltruck Scania Caldicot has been outstanding in the two years that I have been with my present company. We have a small fleet, all but one are Scanias and delivery of sales, servicing, customer engagement has been top class, even when it comes to accessories that Keltruck/Scania do not sell, the staff at Caldicot have led me in the right direction. Big hands up to ‘our Rachael’ at Caldicot, as me and my drivers/staff call her – Rachael never fails to help out. The same goes for Chris who is as helpful as they come.

What I dislike in a sales guy is pressure selling and the nonsense that comes with it. I’d rather not buy than put up with that but Richard Woodland is totally the opposite – honest and relaxed sales techniques with fantastic aftersales support. I can’t wait for my next new purchase. Keltruck Scania Caldicot makes my life easier. Keep it up guys – I know you will.

John Wragg, Transport Manager & Driver, Armstrong Contracts (Chesterfield) Limited

We recently took delivery of our new Scania XT S650 V8. I drive this vehicle and what a pleasure it is to drive. A great job done by Calum Crooks in the build of it.

John Joseph Donovan, JJX Logistics

We are the proud owners of one of Scania’s Silver Knights – Sir Lucan the Butler.

It’s a massive investment for us and it will earn its keep by travelling all over the UK and Europe collecting and delivering various kinds of goods.

This V8 650 is absolutely stunning, and we are glad to have added it to our fleet!

Thank you to Tony Biddlestone at Keltruck for helping us get our hands on one of these. Great service, much appreciated.

Rob Fox, Managing Director, Aggrecom Limited

Our first Scania XT… A massive thanks to Stephen Fletcher and Simon McGuinness for the excellent service to date.

Eurotech Environmental Limited

Another new Scania XT 4,000 gallon Whale tanker/jetter delivered by Keltruck Limited. #WhaleTankers #expansion #waste

Lee Batchelor, Batch Plant Limited

Batchelor was so impressed by Keltrucks Cardiff’s Richard Woodland and the Scania’s specification that he was happy to wait for the truck he was determined to buy. To do so cost about £210,000… It will be maintained by Keltruck because, says Batchelor: “I want someone to look after it like it’s their own and I trust Keltruck to do that.”

Neil Buckley, Cargo Express

Just wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you know how appreciative we are of the time Jarrod has spent here for the two days over the last two weeks.

Every driver who has gone out with Jarrod has shown improved figures on their second run after Jarrod has assessed their driving styles and passed on his knowledge of how to get the best out of the tractor unit.

Every driver has come back very enthusiastic to, going forward, put what they have learnt, into their general driving for us from now on.

Please pass on our thanks to Jarrod.

Conor Bartlett, JJ Bartlett Haulage Limited

Our latest Scania V8 has got plenty of pulling power and is well on top of the job. And that makes for a relaxed, comfortable ride, which is important. The reason we went for a V8 is that we wanted a flagship for the fleet. Both dad and I really like this particular generation R-series, and as we hadn’t bought a truck for a while so we went for it while we could. And it’s great – reliable, drives beautifully and we get great backup from our local dealer, Keltruck Coventry.

Gavin Griffiths, Gavin Griffiths Recycling Limited

The local dealer [Keltruck] is just down the road at Cross Hands, and now they give good service. It hasn’t always been like that, but things have definitely improved [since Keltruck acquired Silurian Scania in 2011]. Also, the sales contact Peter Harris does a superb job. He keeps in close contact with us, works really hard to ensure that any new trucks we have are exactly right, and tells us if there are any issues, rather than trying to sweep things under the carpet.

Because of this I decided to try the new model 8-wheelers. We go for a high specification and try to look after the driver. The 500hp engine is on top of the job and gives excellent fuel consumption. The latest figures show over 9mpg when running with the trailer, and it is comfortably over 8mpg when running on local work close to our depot. I anticipate the residual value will be strong because of the specification, and because the driver looks after it so well.

Adrian Lake, Operations Manager, Spiers & Hartwell Limited

Since the delivery of our next generation Scania S500s we have experienced improved fuel efficiency with an average increase of 12% across the fleet.

George Stevenson, Driver, Spiers & Hartwell Limited

I have driven the Scania 3 series, 4 series & R series. When I got the keys to my new Scania S500 I wondered if it would live up to its predecessors. It does. By the truckload! The best truck I have ever driven for driver comfort, economy. Simply the best.

Byron Davies, Section Leader, ALDI Cardiff

Good support, great reliability and liked by our drivers.

Gareth Jones, Operations Manager, John Jones & Son Limited

We are very impressed with the next generation Scania product. The comfort and driveability is the best we have experienced so far and looks great in our colours/livery too. The fuel economy in both the sweeper and tipper is really impressive.

Rod Harris, owner, Reynolds Recruitment

Quite simply the best truck I have ever driven!

Jamie Whale, National Fleet & Transport Manager, Generation UK

The new vehicles are performing very well and the initial improvement of 2mpg over the previous vehicles makes a huge difference.

I found the whole process from quote to order to final delivery seamless. The support given from the Keltruck sales team was fantastic, with a can-do attitude.

Jeremy Stone, Procurement Manager, M. Lambe Construction

The team are delighted with the acquisition. It’s a very durable and tough powerhouse.

Jordan Pike, Director, Monex Group Limited

For over 30 years, Scania and Keltruck have delivered great support to Monex Group giving us high utilisation and longevity of the product.

Maurice Hudson, Hudsons of Dudley Limited

Scania lorries & Keltruck back-up are an unbeatable combination.

Simon Griffiths, Owner, Smiths Heavy Haulage

We recently came back to Scania mainly due to our excellent relationship with Keltruck, and in particular with Andrew Long, their regional general manager. Keltruck’s service is first class, and they have the same values as our family run business.

We chose our earlier R620 from Keltruck because we were impressed with its manual gearbox and the fact that the configuration was already type approved.

We are extremely happy with the look and performance of the new R730. The purchase and configuration could not have been smoother. The help and assistance from Keltruck was first class. The driver is over the moon – he said that changing up through the gears pulling up a steep hill was like silk!

Jonathan Bull, J P Bull Transport & The Kilpeck Inn

Keltruck Scania is our service provider of choice.

Jamie McCulloch, W H Higgins & Sons

100,000km in 9 months fault free, average fuel 9.30 MPG majority of time fully loaded, 31tn payload.

Gerri Norris, Operations Manager, S & G Soils

We have bought and run used Scania vehicles before and have always found them very reliable. Peter Harris of Keltruck put a purchase package which included a full repair and maintenance programme, and I’m extremely happy with the product and service from Keltruck Cardiff.

John Hughes, Managing Director, John Hughes Haulage

We’ve got two Euro 6s and another two on order.

Reliability and durability are second to none. The fact is they just keep going doing 15 loads a day.

The drivers love the Scanias – and I love the residual values. Scania are the best vehicle for my needs.

Pat Sexton, Managing Director, West Coast Haulage Limited

The vehicles are greener and cleaner and therefore fit hand in glove with our health and safety policy and objectives. They stand fully compliant with CrossRail and FORS and the Scania also gives an unladen weight advantage. Scania has proven to be the best vehicle for our work & we love dealing with Keltruck people. They provide us with 100% backup & deliver a robust service that is second to none.

Nick Matthews, General Manager, Pentalver Group

We are delighted to bring an additional fifty-two vehicles to our fleet, demonstrating both our ongoing investment to the UK road haulage industry and the strength of our relationship with Keltruck and Scania.

Critically, the new vehicles provide great fuel economy and deliver in excess of 10mpg, an impressive 1mpg improvement over our existing vehicles. The ‘R’ series also provides a spacious cab for drivers as well as a range of safety features including forward facing cameras and nearside proximity sensors for cycle and pedestrian safety.

Phil & Dave Spittle, Pro-Clean Industrial Services Limited

As a small- to medium sized company we must have a reliable service for our customers, so without any doubt we will always buy Scania trucks. They are extremely reliable and fuel efficient and we receive excellent service from Keltruck’s West Bromwich depot.

Steve Lomas, JLF Moving Solutions Limited

Keltruck Scania are second-to-none.

Paul Griffiths, C. W. Griffiths & Sons

We are delighted with the payload & great fuel consumption of this pure SCR engine which is far better than any other Euro 6 operating in our quarry.

Matt Harby, Harby’s Haulage

Superior torque working with a high speed rear axle ratio allows us to cruise on the speed limiter in the green torque band which is producing excellent fuel returns for our business.

Neil Evans, NR Evans & Son Limited

Our decision was based on Scania trucks renowned reliability together with the commitment and support from Keltruck as a dealer.

We have seen improved fuel consumption with our new Scania R450 SCR vehicles equipped with Scania OnBoard control telematics. This is a testament to the continuous development of the Scania product.

Anne Gifford, Giffords Recycling Limited

Thank you for these lovely new Scania tractor units which look fabulous. All-in-all very positive feedback from the drivers. Let’s hope they look after them!

Scott Davenport, S L Davenport Haulage

We are very impressed with the performance of the 410 euro 6 engine in the 6×4 chassis and as for the fuel consumption, that just gets better. We are getting figures of around 10-11 mpg, even had as high as 12 mpg. I very much doubt as things stand we will be changing any of our five Scania tippers for any other make.

Huw Richards, Chief Operating Officer, Walters Group

We purchase Scanias based on whole life cost and product reliability as we cannot afford to have any breakdowns when moving large plant under escort.

Gary Worrall, Fleet Manager, Pentalver Cannock Limited

Our Scania R450SCR demonstration vehicle from Keltruck has returned 10mpg. This is a 1mpg improvement over our existing vehicles.

Callum Harris, MLC Transport

We are currently finding our Scania 450SCR the best we’ve ever had on fuel. It has beaten our current V8s as well as our DAF Euro 6 trucks by a staggering 3mpg a week on similar work.

Kevin Watson, M.D., K&S Transport, Chesterfield

Our latest Scania V8 vehicle has exceeded our expectations.

Ian Harries, Gerald D. Harries & Sons Limited

Keltruck’s Andrew Long has established a good working relationship with us. He has dealt with us with a genuine interest in our business and he has a tremendous insight to what makes us tick. In light of this we are discussing the acquisition of further units and I would never hesitate in recommending Andrew and Keltruck to others.

Penny Cregan, P & P Cregan Limited

The truck’s fuel economy has been exceptional.

It’s great being back with a manual gearbox, too!

Jordan Pike, MCL Logistics

We have a very good working relationship with Keltruck and Caldicot, our local depot, where we receive a very good service.

The Scania brand is excellent and we have never suffered a breakdown, so we would highly recommend the product.

Richard Woodland has been helpful and enthusiastic and always caters to our requirements, sometimes at the drop of a hat.

Terry Hicks, Managing Director, Hicks Logistics

The Scania brand has always been reliable and trustworthy with, of course, good residual values.

Mike A. Ponsonby, M. A. Ponsonby Limited

I’ve really stuck with Scania. The Ponsonby family has a longstanding relationship with both Keltruck and Chris Kelly himself, which dates back to the 1980s.

The drivers love them – which helps retain the sort of people we desperately need in this industry – and for our type of work they’re also good on fuel.

Mike J. Ponsonby, Company Secretary, M. A. Ponsonby Limited

Scania trucks offer the best value for money in my experience because, overall, they represent the lowest R&M costs, the best residual values and excellent MPG, all of which are now major factors in maintaining profitable truck operations in the UK. This means that Scania offers the lowest whole life costs so far as I am concerned and is precisely why I have continued to purchase this cost-effective marque from Keltruck Limited since 1983.

Mark Langton, Director of Operations, UniDrug Distribution Group

We cover all UK deliveries from our base at South Normanton so UDG’s drivers are often on nights out, two to three a week in some instances. One of the key driver requests was a higher cab to give the drivers the space to stand up in the cab when getting changed, a fridge and plenty of cupboard space. In the main the drivers preference was Scania over other manufacturers. The fact that the current model doesn’t require AdBlue was another major factor in UDG’s decision making.

UDG have received very good service from Keltruck over the years and this, coupled with their close proximity to the UDG depots, make servicing and defect rectification easy to manage.

Darren Watts, Transport Manager, Green Hill Construction Limited

I have dealt with Keltruck for a number of years, initially with Dave Morgan who always took time to provide an excellent service and guidance, fulfilling our needs and requirements. Richard Woodland has now taken over and provides us with a very good service. Would highly recommend.

Jim Gayton, Transport & Planning Manager, Hy-Line UK Limited

Keltruck have supplied and serviced our trucks for a number of years. During this time we have found their service and customer support outstanding and we look forward to this continuing.

John Evans, Contracts Manager at DHL Supply Chain, c/o Rhodia UK Ltd

DHL Supply Chain have recently put three brand new Scania R420 tractors onto a contract hauling molten sulphur, running from an operating centre in Bromsgrove. The trucks are double manned and worked intensively and we greatly appreciate the support and flexibility of Keltruck Droitwich in maintaining the tractors to fit in with our operations. Keltruck Droitwich are always able to accommodate us at short notice, and get our trucks back out on the road in a timely manner.

Stuart Bridge, Managing Director, Wheyfeed Limited

Our vehicles are required to run at maximum weight and we deliver into mills and farms in rural areas which can be very hilly with difficult access. We therefore needed a vehicle, chassis and engine spec that is suitable for this environment.

Our driver feedback is very positive from the experience with these Scania vehicles.

Adam Purshall, Head of Fleet, TM Logistics

We’ve had Scania vehicles in our fleet for many years and we have always found them to be reliable, fuel efficient and with an excellent dealer network.

The service that we receive from Keltruck always surpasses our expectations, with excellent relationships at every level of our business.

The professionalism and expertise we get from Keltruck gives us flexibility, efficiency and the clear ability to meet our customers’ needs.

Antony Hopkinson, Managing Director, CMEC Demolition Limited

Like all our equipment the research and planning that went into this truck started 12 months ago. We are pleased that there is no AdBlue to worry about as we see this as an operational constraint. This truck and trailer combination certainly gives us the flexibility in moving not only our waste containers around two at a time, but our plant and equipment too, making this a very versatile vehicle. We think we are running the best truck on the market and this vehicle certainly is a head turner.

David Curnock, Managing Director, David Curnock Limited

We chose these new vehicles to replace a few older vehicles in our fleet. I am pleased to say that we have a very good working relationship with Keltruck Scania.

Charlie Fisher, Transport Manager, Countrywide Farmers PLC

Scania’s whole-life costs are significantly better than their rivals and Countrywide’s relationship with Keltruck is second-to-none. We operate our vehicles in specialist markets and cannot source replacement vehicles easily, therefore reliability, back up support and knowledge is key to our relationship.

David Rowlingson, Managing Director, Alwin Limited

The specification of ALW 11N was chosen to create and promote a great image of our company. The replacement G Cab is the first G Cab we are entering into our fleet as recommended by Gary Hughes. We believe it will be a fantastic all round truck allowing 44 tonne operations by drawbar, off-road capability by its 6×4 configuration and its long distance capability because of its sleeper compartment.

I first started working with Keltruck in 2001 when I bought my first ever Scania and, since 2005, I have been dealing with Gary. Our relationship has grown with amazing strength and reliability. The Scania brand has proven to be a great product and is always on my list for additions or replacements.

I find the Scania V8 a fabulous and comfortable vehicle which is effortless to drive.

Gary Ruston-Shaw, CMT Tube Fittings

Gary Hughes’s help and enthusiasm was never ending, always available, helpful and suggestive of modifications and improvements we could make, particularly on the body builder, who I am pleased to say has done an excellent job. My driver is more than happy with his choice of vehicle and, from a personal and company point of view, I am confident that the best value for the money available has been achieved, again all down to the help and enthusiasm for the sale by Gary.

Robbie Thacker, Managing Director, Bedworth Haulage Company Limited

We always prefer a Scania and the residual value is excellent when you come to re-sell. The reports we have received back regarding this particular model from other hauliers we know who run them have been good. We have a great relationship with Keltruck.

Steve Davis, Transport Manager, Holland & Barrett Limited

We have a very good working relationship with Keltruck on all levels. Our respective Keltruck depot is Burton where the staff are very helpful and understand the pressures on us regarding down time and vehicle availability. Keltruck Burton is very close to our premises so the service they provide is like having our own garage on site.

Ray Hingley, Sr., A. Hingley (Transport) Limited

For our operation Scania have got this truck completely right – low entry cabs which suit our drivers, not to mention the ability to get a 30t payload… Yes, I think the price of the truck matches the standard.

Our relationship with Keltruck goes back many years, from sales through to service. I know if I ask for something they deliver. They go out of their way to work with us.

Martin Checketts, Transport ManagerICS Distribution

When comparing Scania with other manufacturers their contract hire package came out on top. Both in terms of costs, quality, aftersales geography and also our relationship with Keltruck.

Keith Ryan, Transport ManagerAAH Pharmaceuticals

We have a great working relationship with all the staff at Keltruck Tamworth. We work as a partnership rather than just a customer, supplier basis.

It takes effective communication from both parties to ensure we get the right results at the end of the day.

Dave Mobbs, Despatch & Transport Manager, Utopia Furniture Limited

Having had a complete fleet of Scanias for the past twelve years, we believe that we have a proven track record that these vehicles offer the image, comfort and reliability necessary to meet our high demands.

We have dealt with Keltruck for the last 12 years and have found that the level of service offered, whether at Keltruck Head Office at West Bromwich or Keltruck Willenhall, is of the highest standard. Together with all various departments – sales, after sales and service – they have developed an understanding of our requirements that completely simplifies our communication both daily and long-term.

Mark Kemp, Transport Manager, UKF Stainless Limited

UKF Stainless has a really good relationship with Keltruck Droitwich and also with Tony Biddlestone at Keltruck West Bromwich. They really do look after us.

Guy Stripp, Operations Director, Power Plane Limited

We have an excellent relationship with Russ Kelly. Scania and Keltruck perform to a high level.

Darren Hardy, Marketing Manager, Joseph Merritt Group plc

Joseph Merritt Group has worked alongside Keltruck for approximately thirty years. We have found Keltruck to be extremely accommodating, professional and reasonably priced in all aspects of their work from new vehicle sales all the way through to service.

Steve Bird, Transport Manager, Consort Limited

Consort Limited recently placed an order for six 18 tonne rigid vehicles replacing existing vehicles also supplied by Keltruck.

Although the price of the new vehicles had to be competitive, as it was, the service we have received on our existing vehicles has been outstanding and the decision to ‘move’ to another supplier/manufacturer would have been difficult and disappointing. Our drivers appreciate the vehicles. Fuel consumption is good. The reliability has been outstanding.

Thanks to all, particularly ‘our’ salesman, Steve Fletcher, and your fantastic maintenance depot at Sutton in Ashfield, both admin and maintenance. Long may our relationship continue.

Andrew Benson, Chairman, Benson Group

As an established Scania operator, we have long viewed the marque as a statement of quality which very much reflects our own core values. In terms of the new generation Scania EGR Euro 5 vehicles, having researched the market and conducted our own extensive fuel trials, we are extremely impressed by their fuel efficiency. Our operating experience means Scania’s reliability and performance are already well proven within our operation and the fuel efficiency of the new Euro 5 range has compounded our satisfaction in the brand as it will enable us to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Chris Hartwell, Spiers & Hartwell Limited

Scania has long been recognised for its low overall costs & reliability but, on the rare occasion we have encountered difficulties, Keltruck have dealt with them impeccably, understanding our needs & resulting in a mutually strong trading relationship for more than 30 years.

Neil Crossley, Managing Director, Solihull Transport

The reliability of the Scania brand and the excellent after sales service offered by Keltruck has lead to Scania being the number one choice for Solihull Transport.

Des Ponsonby, D. J. Ponsonby & Sons Limited

This was the first new artic we ever bought. We were flat out busy doing high paying air freight work at the time.

Buying new Scanias was the single best decision we ever took.

Chris D. Kelly

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing