Core Values

Unlocking the Engine of Excellence – Keltruck’s Core Values in Action

In the fast-paced and competitive world of road transport, Keltruck stands steady, rooted by a commitment to its core values that transcend industry standards. As the largest independently owned Scania Distributor worldwide, Keltruck’s success is fueled by the principles of Care, Integrity, Professionalism and Dependability.

Caring: A Holistic Approach

For Keltruck, care extends far beyond the mechanical realm. It envelops the customers, the products, the workforce and the environment. The network of 18 locations, meticulously positioned to serve the Midlands and South Wales, is a testament to Keltruck’s dedication to being where our customers need us most. The company’s ethos is not just about delivering service; it’s about understanding the challenges customers face and becoming a trusted partner in overcoming them. [Back to top]

Integrity: The Bedrock of Trust

Trust is not bestowed; it’s earned through transparency and passion. Keltruck is unwavering in its commitment to securing the trust of its customers. With an open and passionate approach, Keltruck sets itself apart and stands tall in its integrity to ensure that the customer experience remains impeccable. [Back to top]

Professional: Elevating Industry Standards

Maintaining the highest industry standards is not a goal for Keltruck, it’s a practice embedded in our DNA. A team of executive directors, each with decades of experience, leads the charge. Keltruck’s strong workforce, located across 18 locations, consists of factory-trained technicians equipped with cutting-edge technology. The company’s professionalism is not just a benchmark, it’s a premium customer experience delivered consistently. [Back to top]

Dependable: A Promise Kept

In an industry where reliability is paramount, Keltruck emerges as the beacon of dependability. Promises made are promises kept. Customers can rely on Keltruck to not only meet but exceed expectations. With a turnover exceeding £200 million per annum, Keltruck’s commitment to dependability is the driving force behind our stature as the largest privately owned Scania dealer globally.

At the heart of the Keltruck mission statement lies an understanding that road transport is the lifeblood of the economy. Keltruck doesn’t merely keep wheels turning, it ensures the economic engine runs seamlessly.

Keltruck is more than a distributor – we are a partner dedicated to unlocking excellence with every interaction. Care, Integrity, Professionalism and Dependability are not just values – they are the roadmap to Keltruck’s continued success and an unwavering commitment to being the driving force in the world of road transport. [Back to top]

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing