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Environmental Policy

Keltruck Limited will conduct its business with respect and care for the environment at all its sites, and requires employees, contractors and suppliers to carry out their activities in accordance with this policy.

The directors and employees of Keltruck Ltd are committed to protecting our environment and prevention of potential pollution.

Our activities, products and services have positive and negative impacts on our environment by emissions to air, discharges to water and land which can affect our eco-systems.

We will introduce this environmental policy, suitable processes and controls to ensure that all our sites comply with the law.

Protecting our air…
We will ensure that processes that emit to the air are properly maintained and all substances we use are safe to protect our staff, the environment and eco-systems.

Protecting our water…
We will ensure our sites discharge waste effluent in accordance with the requirements of the trade effluent consent.

Protecting our land…
We will separate various types of wastes and reduce the amount going to landfill, where ever possible.

Best practices…
We will use environmental best practices at our sites and engage our employees to use the principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, set an environmental strategy, objectives and targets that will help us improve our environmental performance.

We will install and use equipment and suitable measures to conserve the use of electricity and gas to comply with our carbon reduction compliance obligations.

Our employees and partners are encouraged to be proactive in achieving our environment policy and strategy.

We will understand, measure and improve our environmental ‘footprint’ by introducing appropriate equipment, technology, processes and practices. Whilst actively encouraging staff initiatives that improve our environment performance.

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