Keltruck E-mail Domain Change

All Keltruck employees will have a new e-mail address

Our e-mail address domain is changing, so we want to spread the news with all of our customers and suppliers. Keeping it simple, our website has always been and now we’ve got e-mails to match it, too.

What is changing?

Throughout the month of November all Keltruck employees will be switching over to a new e-mail address. The new domain for our e-mails will end in instead of

E.g. will become

How do I contact my local team?

All our staff members will be switching over to e-mail addresses. So in most cases you simply need to change the domain.

Should you have any issues reaching an existing contact at Keltruck then call one of our branches or use the contact form here on our website.

What next?

Please update your contact list so you have the correct e-mails going forward.

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
General Manager – Marketing & Business Development