Scania, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in the UK in 2014, has reported another strong year with a total of 4,752 trucks registered over the past 12 months. Of these, approximately 80 percent were Euro 6 models. In addition, a total of 301 buses and coaches were registered in a year which also saw Scania’s overall service sales increase significantly. Sales of Scania engines amounted to 771 units, of which 405 were for generator sets, 325 for industrial application and 41 marine.

“Our truck registrations represent 17.3 percent of the UK 18-tonnes-and-above market, while our bus and coach performance gives us an overall share of 9.7 percent of the passenger carrying market,” comments Scania (Great Britain) Limited Managing Director, Claes Jacobsson.  “Regarding the uptake of Euro 6, operators have been quick to embrace our new, fuel-efficient technology.  Their purchasing  decisions have been supported by many independently-conducted press tests, which have seen our SCR-only 410 and 450 Euro 6 engines break fuel economy records throughout Europe.

“In other areas, as more and more operators progressively turn to Scania for all-encompassing transport solutions, our sales of parts and services, including trailer/tanker support and tail-lift and refrigerator maintenance, all continue to develop positively.

“During 2014 we also further developed our portfolio of operator support services, where products such as Optimise, our driver training and on-going driver coaching service, enable our customers to ensure the derive the best-possible economy and, hence, maximum return on their investment in Scania.  Our sales of used vehicles and Scania Truck Rental also continued to perform well, making 2014 an all-round positive success for Scania in the UK.”

Particular highlights from the 2014 registration figures include:

8×4 rigids: Scania leads the market with a share of 25.9 percent overall.  Within this sector, Scania holds a market-topping 31.5 percent share of the tipper segment.

Tractor units:  Scania’s strong presence within the UK tractor unit market was sustained during 2014 with shares of 18.1 percent and 19.3 percent recorded for the two- and three-axle sectors respectively.

Passenger carrying vehicles: Scania’s share of the combined UK bus and coach market increased from 8.3 percent in 2013 to 9.7 percent in 2014.


Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing