Keltruck’s Chairman & MD, Chris Kelly, has written to The Birmingham Post regarding the installation of unnecessary traffic lights.

Bringing traffic to a standstill

Dear Editor, I note with profound disappointment that Advantage West Midlands, through its i54 project, looks as though it has agreed with Wolverhampton City Council and Staffordshire, that the free-flowing traffic islands along the A449 Stafford Road should be replaced with traffic lights.

Yes I know AWM will say it is “consulting” right now, but don’t such plans always end up as initially outlined before any consultation process started by government or any of its agencies?

I wonder, does anyone know what the reasons are behind our bureaucrats’ fascination with installing traffic lights, which appear to be sprouting up just about everywhere at the moment? Are our so-called leaders so completely unaware they are bringing traffic to a mandatory standstill when often, and especially through the night, there is no traffic crossing at all?

Losing the massive amounts of energy needed to get 44 ton trucks going after such an unnecessary standstill is plainly ludicrous – particularly given the insistence of the same bureaucrats that we all act on tackling climate change.

West Bromwich

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing