For Graham Benford, Fleet Manager of Marston’s Plc, the relationship he enjoys with his local Scania branch, Keltruck Burton-on-Trent, goes beyond the professional and into the personal.

“The relationship our two companies have developed over the years is exceptional,” confirms Graham. “We’re even at the point today where we support each other’s events. So when we hold our annual St George’s Day celebration, Keltruck are always there with a display and goodies for the children and we reciprocate at their events.

“Another time they really helped us out was when we needed a replacement engine for our historic 1937 Leyland Hippo brewery wagon. Marston’s has a long history stretching all the way back to 1828 and we’re very proud of our heritage. So we wanted to get our old Hippo fixed as soon as possible. Keltruck were great, they did a nationwide search for us and came up with the goods in no time.

“In terms of our regular fleet, we’ve got 16 Scania trucks and a 55-strong trailer fleet, all of which are maintained by Keltruck. And on that front, they do an excellent job for us. They are open most of the time that we are – we start work on a Sunday afternoon, Keltruck opens up shortly after that, thereafter we’re both 24-hour operations until the following weekend – so we know help is never far away should it be needed. Technically speaking, there’s never an issue; the job just gets done quickly and efficiently. Nothing is ever too much bother.

“Then again, I suspect there might be a little personal interest going on here too. Most of the Keltruck Technicians drink our beer on their day off and I’m always telling them that if the pubs are empty, it’s their fault – I think that helps!”

Source: Scene Scania

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Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
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