Keltruck’s Chairman & MD, Chris Kelly, has written to The Birmingham Post opposing the introduction of congestion charging in the West Midlands.


Dear Editor, Re the article on transport by Jonathan Walker (Cut congestion or lose cash, Post Sept 24). It is evident, by its editorial comments, the Post has for some time supported congestion charging.

Hazel Blears’ insight that the problems of congestion will be solved by introducing charging in this region is not far from the truth, as many of the least well off will simply not be able to afford the £4.50 (or however much more) the charge would be set at.

Grossed up that will mean taking over £30 per week extra off folk travelling to work.

Some Socialist policy that, hitting the least well off the hardest.

For the rest of the folk in the region, life will become a dream; driving on uncongested roads, until the economic realities kick in, and business and commerce start to move elsewhere – and that happens at an alarming rate.

But why this fascination with making life a misery for the majority who drive? There are two reasons – the first is environmental. But why? Great strides have been made in engineering and many manufacturers are announcing incredible progress with electric and other fuels leading to very low emissions, with much more yet to come of course.

The other reason is congestion.

Our highways engineers are designing in congestion all the time in this region, with their grouping CEPOG reporting into Centro. A strange arrangement one could say, rather like the game keeper reporting to the poacher.

Something has got to be done about congestion alright, but congestion charging is not an answer Ms Blears.

West Bromwich

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing