To support its commitment to going green, Moran Logistics has placed an order with Keltruck for 15 Scania compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, with delivery throughout 2023. This adds to Moran’s first order of two CNG vehicles from Keltruck, which went on the road in 2021.

Moran decided to purchase CNG vehicles for its Lidl contracts, as Lidl is encouraging its hauliers to use more environmentally-friendly fuel alternatives. The vehicles were initially purchased as a trial, but due to excellent driver feedback Moran has now placed this new larger order. Due to their specialist requirements, Moran has trusted Keltruck to maintain both gas vehicles at its Willenhall location, on a Scania three-year Repair & Maintenance package.

“The CNG vehicles are suited to the work we do with Lidl, based on the products we deliver, and the fuel infrastructure for filling up near Lidl locations is not an issue,” said Dean Roberts, General Manager at Moran Logistics.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Scania, but still underwent a selection process to ensure we partnered with who we saw as the most suitable for our needs whilst supporting us to meet our sustainability target,” said Dean. “This was supported by listening to recommendations from Lidl, as to how CNG fits in with both their roadmap and ours for using renewable energy.”

The CNG vehicles are solely used for refrigerated transport and have Ecogen fridges supplied by Hultsteins, a Swedish and British manufacturer specialising in diesel-free transport refrigeration.

Ecogen is a truck-powered hydraulic generator powered via the engine drive PTO. When combined with a traditional transport refrigeration unit, the system becomes a clean (hybrid), electric-powered refrigeration unit.

“More customers are looking for their logistics partners to demonstrate that they are taking responsibility for the elements under their control within the supply chain,” said Dean. “At Moran Logistics we are committed to look for efficiencies throughout our entire operation, to help reduce our carbon footprint, whilst maintaining the highest delivery standards. Efficient, renewable energy vehicles support this green policy.”

Keltruck Account Manager Calum Crooks, who took the order for these vehicles, commented: “Scania offers the widest range of alternatively-fuelled vehicles on the market today, and I had the pleasure of working with Moran Logistics to help provide this environmentally-friendly fuel alternative for their business.”

The two gas vehicles – Scania G cabs, normal roof (G20N), 13l 410bhp, 4×2 CNG vehicles – are part of a range of vehicles and developments from Scania that are driving the shift to a sustainable transport system. Moran has also invested in driver comforts, including a leather steering wheel, premium driver seat, and premium seven-inch radio.

“The gas truck is much quieter compared to a diesel truck, the ride is smoother and more comfortable from a driver’s point of view, and there is an extra bonus that the interior looks nicer and is easy to handle and drive,” said Maxine Maltby, Operations Manager at Moran Logistics. “One of our drivers who has previously driven a LNG truck also mentioned that refuelling is easier with the CNG vehicle, as the process is straightforward and quick.”

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