More than nine out of ten UK Scania trucks dating from 2011 onwards are now fully connected with activated Scania OnBoard telematics systems and an associated online reporting package.

“The total number of connected Scania trucks in the UK is currently in excess of  21,000, which represents around 93 percent of our 2011-and-later parc,” comments Matthew Watson, General Manager Optimise Services, Scania (Great Britain) Limited.  “This is having a tremendous impact on fuel savings, with operators reporting savings of up to ten percent when using Scania OnBoard as part of a coordinated Scania Optimise driver development programme.”

In order to drive up fuel savings, Scania has been offering operators of telematics-equipped Scania trucks complimentary activation and a ten year subscription to Monitor, the entry level OnBoard reporting package, since last August.

“Monitor opens the door to Optimise and the potential savings it offers by way of driver training and ongoing driver coaching,” says Matthew Watson.  “And for operators requiring more in-depth understanding of their fleet performance, two additional levels of support – Control and Remote Tachograph Analysis – are also available.

“With fuel typically accounting for 35 percent of running costs, the use of a telematics system can literally mean the difference between profit and loss.  That is why we are encouraging operators to make full use of our OnBoard and Optimise services.”

Operators wanting to know more about Scania OnBoard telematics services and driver development programmes should contact Scania Optimise Services on 0845 6020341, email or visit Scania’s online telematics demonstration and learning portal:

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing