Loughborough, Leicestershire based animal feed supplier GLW Feeds Limited has just entered into service two Scania G424LA4x2MNA Highline tractor units complete with twin axled, multi compartment trailers built by Priden Engineering with a special rear steer trailer bogie.

This enables greater efficiency for the transport/supply of different animal feed types but within a single aluminium body allowing the vehicle combinations to deliver to several farms without returning back to the feed mill. This, in combination with a rear steer bogie, gives excellent access to farms that, ordinarily, would not be able to be serviced by an articulated combination, only a rigid vehicle.

Neale Jones comments that he selected Scania again on the basis of their low running cost in the GLW Feeds fleet of vehicles (currently standing at 36 vehicles of which 20 are Scania).

The deal was agreed between Neale Jones and Account Manager Ivor Morris of Groby and included Keltruck’s full aftersales service offering to support these new vehicles.

Keltruck’s repair & maintenance facilities at the Groby & Burton depots now take care of the whole of the GLW Feeds fleet of vehicles including 2 Hino trucks, 2 Foden trucks and 2 DAF trucks – one stop shopping as Mr Jones commented.


Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing