Nottingham City Transport has once again selected Scania chassis in an order for 40 N 230 UD4x2 units, to be equipped with Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) E400S full height double-deck bodywork. Deliveries will commence in December of this year, at which time the new vehicles will be introduced into the Nottingham fleet at a rate of five per week.

“We are delighted to be continuing our long-standing relationship with Scania, whose well-proven vehicles have been serving the travelling public in Nottingham for more than ten years now,” comments Nottingham City Transport Engineering Director Gary Mason.  “From an engineering perspective, maintaining our relationship gives continuity backed by the excellent technical support service that comes as part of the Scania package.”

The new vehicles will feature Scania’s 230 horsepower Euro 5 nine-litre DC9 30 engines coupled to ZF 5HP504C Ecomat fully automatic gearboxes.  The 4.3-metre high ADL bodywork a total of 28 seats in the lower saloon and 47 in the upper, all of which will be finished in two-colour E-leather seats.  Optional interior equipment includes under-seat mood lighting.

The 40 double-deckers comprise a combination of fleet replacements and fleet additions. While the majority will operate out of Parliament Street in Nottingham’s city centre, the new fleet will be spread around Nottingham City Transport’s territory in order to serve a number of routes, including the company’s Gotham and University services.

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing