Scania will have a major presence both inside and outside the exhibition halls at Tip-ex 2018.  The company will be using its stand, M7- M9, to showcase P- and G-series models from its new XT range, and a new low-entry L-series model will be on show in the outside exhibition area.  As well as these models from its new truck generation, Scania’s product specialists will be on hand throughout the show to present and discuss the wide range of services Scania offers today in support of its vehicles.  Visitors to Tip-ex will also see a number of additional Scania vehicles presented in operators’ liveries in the outside exhibition area.

The Scania XT range

Scania will be showing two XT trucks at Tip-ex 2018, one in P-cab format, the other a G-series model.  XT specification is available across the Scania range and has been designed for vehicles operating in the most arduous conditions.

 Key features of all Scania XT models are an all-new heavy duty bumper which extends 150 millimetres from the front of the cab with an improved approach angle, and reinforced ribbed rear view mirrors.  Both features provide additional operational durability and combine to give all XT trucks a distinct and rugged visual identity.  The bumper also incorporates an easily accessible towing device located behind the foldable registration plate holder. It is certified for 40 tonnes, enabling the vehicle to pull other vehicles and equipment as well as to be towed when needed.  Other features include slip proof steps, Scania XT branded seats and high-edge rubber mats, and to further set the Scania XT range apart a number of exterior and interior options are available.

In addition to its model-specific componentry, the Scania XT range shares the innovative features being introduced to all Scania construction vehicles at this time.  Designed to maximise safety and flexibility in operation, these include:

  • EBS in combination with disc or drum brakes.
  • Several suspension choices including a new option of 2 x 33mm parabolic leaf springs.
  • Large and flexible wheel housing to accommodate varying dimensions and construction operator requirements.
  • Vertical Exhaust outlet with two possible positions.
  • Clutch on demand (option):  The latest development of Scania’s Opticruise automated gear selection system, Clutch on Demand provides the driver with the option of clutch operation in conditions where it is beneficial to ‘feel’ the traction being laid down, for example, when manoeuvring on loose surfaces in demanding off road situations.  In Clutch on Demand mode, the clutch is still automated but the driver overrides the electronics by sending his or her own signals to the unit.
  • Electronic handbrake (option):   A new option, Scania’s electronic parking brake is pressure sensitive, which means it can be applied gradually.  As the parking brake is electrically controlled, it can also be equipped with new functionality. One example is a smart safety feature which sees the brake applied if the speed is low and the driver releases the safety belt or the door is opened.
  • Enhanced hill hold (option, only in combination with Electronic handbrake): The hill hold functionality has also been enhanced in that when the electronic parking brake’s autohold position is activated, there is no time limit on the length of time it will hold the vehicle.  It is also automatically reapplied when the truck stops again, such as in traffic queues.  If the vehicle is stationary for slightly longer, it automatically switches from autohold to the parking brake.

The low-entry Scania L-series

Also on show on at Tip-ex 2018 will be the first UK’s first L-series model, which represents entirely new low-entry cab series designed for urban environment applications such as local distribution, waste and construction.

To facilitate safe and easy access and egress, the new cab can be specified with automatic kneeling to give a single 440mm entry step on both sides of the cab.  With up to three passenger areas, movement around the inside of the cab is also easy.  All L-series cabs are 2,000mm long and available in three roof heights; low, normal and high.

In addition to being low mounted, the boarding step on an L-series cab is 790mm wide.  The optional kneeling facility permits single-step entry via a floor well, with the cab floor height itself being approximately 800mm from the ground, depending on tyre choice.  Without kneeling, a second boarding step is fitted, with the cab floor height being approximately 930mm.  Movement around the interior is assisted by a passageway in front of the engine tunnel connecting the driver and passenger areas of the cab.

The L-series is powered by Scania’s updated nine-litre engine, which is available in three different power steps for diesel.  During 2018, Scania will also add its OC09 dedicated gas-fuelled engine in two power outputs (and for both CNG and LNG) to the engine range for the L-series.  All engines can be combined with Scania Opticruise or with an Allison automatic gearbox.

In terms of enhanced safety for operation in urban areas, the low datum height L-series helps the driver detect vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians more easily.  The driver’s vision can be further assisted by the fitment of an optional Scania City Safe Window in the passenger door.

David Morgan
Sales Director