Scania G 410 Euro 6 sets a new record mark

A Scania G 410 4×2 tractor recently managed to set a new fuel consumption record in a single test performed by Gerhard Grünig for the renowned German magazine “Verkehrs Rundshau” (4/8/2013).

At the demanding test route north of Munich, the Scania semitrailer managed to reach an average fuel consumption of 24.2 litres per 100 km/h with an average speed of 72 km/h – a new record, almost a litre lower than the previous record (regardless if we are talking Euro 5 or 6)! This magnificent feat was achieved with the SCR only, 13 litre 410 hp engine that is specially designed for European long haulage fleet customers.

“We had high expectations regarding this engine, and they have been met in every respect”, says Joel Granath, vice president for product management at Scania Trucks. “With the recent addition of fuel saving features such as Eco-roll and optimised gear shifting strategies, it’s obvious that we here have what you might call a killer application also when it comes to fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership.”

The test vehicle was a Scania Streamline with Scania Opticruise and Scania Active Prediction. The truck sported a 2.59 rear axle ratio and weighed 7,260 kg in the test, the GTW were 39,260 kg.

For more details visit Scania fuel economy and Fuel economy – the Scania way.

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing
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