Scania has the environmentally lowest-impact truck in the heavy tractor class, according to the respected German transport trade magazines Verkehrs-Rundschau and Trucker, which have given the Scania G 410 their Green Truck 2014 award.

With fuel consumption averaging a record-low 23.29 litres of diesel per 100 km (12.13 mpg), the Scania G 410 received a total of 6,702 points, taking first place by a wide margin in the environment rankings on which the magazines’ prestigious award is based.

The evaluation is primarily based on the environmental impact of fuel consumption and of the exhaust emissions a vehicle produces, measured by extensive consumption tests that the two magazines perform on a demanding road segment.

“We are delighted with the Green Truck award, especially since this is the second time a Scania truck with a Euro 6 engine has received the prize,” says Christian Hottgenroth, Scania’s sales director for Germany and Austria.

“Two years ago, we received our first Green Truck award for the Scania R 480 model with a Euro 6 engine. It makes us especially proud that with the G 410 Euro 6, we can now offer the heavy tractor unit with the smallest environmental impact in the market,” says Hottgenroth. “Scania’s engineers have had fuel consumption, uptime and reduced environmental impact as guiding principles in their efforts to develop the latest generation of the Scania Streamline truck range. For most of our customers, these precise aspects – together with cost-effectiveness – have become absolutely critical to their operations.”

The Euro 6 emission standard became compulsory for all new trucks in Europe on 31 December 2013. Scania launched its first generation Euro 6 trucks in 2011 followed by the second generation in 2013.

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing