Scania is introducing a longer length of the popular Irizar i6S coach, which is available to order now.  Initially based on Scania’s nine-litre, 360 horsepower chassis, the coach will be now available in 12.9-metres overall length with 53 seats and a centre sunken toilet.

Standard specification includes Irizar i6S passenger seats with three-point seatbelts, synthetic leather head-pads and seat back tables, Bosch Smart Series audio equipment, a DVD player with two monitors and a hot water drinks machine mounted on top of the centre sunken toilet compartment. The exterior finish will be complemented by Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels.

Lee Wale, UK Retail Sales Manager for Scania comments, “With the development work carried out between Irizar and ourselves, we are delighted to announce this new longer length two-axle i6S coach. We have been able to move the position of the centre continental door to enable an excellent seat pitch for all passengers which will ensure the utmost comfort wherever they are seated, which can be a challenge on this layout of executive coach.”

The first vehicle built to the longer length will arrive into the UK early January and has been purchased by Dudley-based coach and tour operator Dunwood Travel.  Director Phil Westwood comments, “We currently operate a 100 percent Scania fleet, of which all but one vehicle is the Scania Irizar combination. We approached Scania to see if they could build a 12.9-metre two-axle Irizar coach with 53 seats for added passenger comfort and are extremely pleased they have been able to offer this option. We purchased our first Scania Irizar vehicles back in 2014 and have consistently purchased them every year since. I personally like the fact that Scania look after both the body and chassis at their local dealerships, ensuring I get maximum utilisation and efficiency from the vehicles at all times.”

Scania has been in partnership in the UK with Irizar since 1992, and to date has sold over 1,700 vehicles.  As standard with all of Scania vehicles in the UK, the entire Scania Irizar model range benefits from Scania’s two year repair and maintenance package and fleet management service data. Another major benefit for operators is that Scania will look after the complete vehicle in any one of its 85 dealerships within the UK, and throughout its European network, giving operators peace of mind and maximum uptime.

Dunwood Travel
Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing