With the launch of the L-series and CrewCab Scania’s new generation family of trucks is now complete in Europe.  The launch process is now underway in other parts of the world, with the entire global introduction scheduled for completion in 2019.

“From the initial launch of S- and R-series long-haul models last year in Paris, followed by the introduction of the G- and P-series earlier this year, to the announcement of our new L-series and CrewCab, our focus has been on introducing  a new range of innovative and cost-effective solutions for all transport applications,” says Andrew Jamieson, Sales Director for Scania (Great Britain) Limited.

“Moreover, while every aspect of the new models from fuel consumption and high performance to exceptional reliability and maximum uptime has been extremely well received by our customers, our overarching aim has been to introduce a new product range which demonstrates that sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand, rather than being mutually exclusive.

“Underpinning our new products is a wide choice of supporting services, ranging from flexible maintenance programmes to optimised driver training and ongoing coaching.  Each of these services has been designed not only to complement our vehicles by enabling our customers to achieve the very best total operating economy, but to also support our sustainability goals.  As such, we firmly believe the Scania new truck generation offer provides the very best solution in every respect available on the market today.”

For more information please visit keltruckscania.com/products.

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
General Manager – Marketing & Business Development