Scania Engines has been rebranded Scania Power Solutions in order to reflect the widening range of power options Scania offers and the capabilities of its marine, industrial and power-generation engines range.  The move comes at a key moment as Scania continues its journey towards electrification, where new types of motive power including electric motors and e-machines (electric motors plus their associated adjacent hardware) will progressively come to the fore.

“We are now rapidly approaching the point where the advances we have made in electrification will be shared with our engine customers,” says David Bamber, Head of Power Solutions for Scania (Great Britain) Limited.  “For example, the coming years will see new products such as hybrid Scania engines introduced for marine, industrial and power-generation applications as we progressively move toward full electrification.  The Scania Power Solutions branding has been created to encompass this widening of our product portfolio and the extensive range of applications we cover.”

Scania power solutions have long been employed by customers in the UK – in fact, the sale of engines preceded that of trucks, buses and coaches when Scania first began operating in the UK in 1964.  Since then, Scania engines have built up a strong reputation for reliability, fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance and durability, and today can be found in a wide variety of applications.

Typical marine applications include high speed patrol boats, ferries and workboats, while industrial engines are favoured by major operators such as Doosan and Terex, which employ Scania engines for dump trucks and power screens respectively.  Scania is also a popular choice among generator set manufacturers, and Scania-powered gensets can today be found providing power for a diverse range of applications including music festivals, telecommunications in off-grid areas and emergency standby power plants for hospitals, sports stadia and large public buildings.  Global sales of Scania power solutions in 2020 amounted to 10,500 units.

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Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing