Scania’s new R-series range of trucks has been selected as the International Truck of the Year 2010, the most prestigious distinction in the European truck industry. The jury’s statement cites the aerodynamic design of the R-series, operational economy and the unique support system that spurs the driver to adopt more efficient driving habits.

“Continuous improvement is one of Scania’s strategic cornerstones, which also pervades our product development work. The fact that the new R-series is being awarded the International Truck of the Year trophy confirms the success of our ambition that every innovation launched by Scania shall contribute to greater productivity, lower operating costs and enhanced driver comfort,” says Scania’s President and CEO Leif Östling.

“The statement of the jury matches the positive reactions we are now getting from customers. The timing for the new R-series is spot-on,” concludes Mr Östling.

Jury chairman Gianenrico Griffini comments that “During this extremely challenging time for the entire automotive industry, and especially for Europe’s commercial vehicle manufacturers, Scania has delivered a ‘state-of-the-art’ truck that sets new standards in terms of fuel economy, driveability and overall efficiency.”

The International Truck of the Year 2010 award will be presented to Scania in December this year. The award is given to the truck model that has made the strongest contribution towards making road transport more efficient during the past 12 months. The statement of the jury, which consists of leading commercial vehicle journalists from 22 European countries, includes the following:

“Building on the success of the outgoing range – elected Truck of the Year in 2005 – the new R Series impressed the ITOY jury not least due to its continued evolution.

“In particular, the latest model features a more aerodynamic cab profile that not only reduces fuel consumption but also improves the flow of air through the engine compartment, thereby aiding engine cooling–a factor that will be especially important for the forthcoming, next generation of lower-emission ‘Euro-6’ diesels. Scania’s revised Opticruise automated gear-shifting system, launched on the new R Series, was also rated highly for its faster, smoother and more intelligent shift strategy.

“The ITOY judges further praised the Swedish manufacturer’s new Driver Support System (developed on the R Series) which was seen by the majority of the jury as an innovative learning tool capable of providing a continuous and pro-active assessment of a driver out on the road, rating their fuel consumption, driving efficiency and overall ‘road craft’ with a simple yet effective ‘star’ rating system which encourages a driver to excel. Last but not least the R Series’ highly-attractive new interior impressed the ITOY jury with its latest dashboard, high level of comfort and ergonomics.”

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