Spiers & Hartwell has confirmed its 2019 order with Keltruck, choosing 11 Scania S 500 6×2 tractor units and one flagship S 730 to join its all Scania fleet.

The New Generation Scania vehicles will be delivered throughout the course of 2019, with one vehicle arriving every month, and will help achieve the company’s plan of replacing all previous generation vehicles in its 50-strong Scania fleet.

Spiers & Hartwell is one of Keltruck’s longest standing customers with the relationship starting in 1983 when the company already operated the Scania LB110 model and began purchasing new Scania 2-series vehicles.

Adrian Lake, Operations Manager at Spiers & Hartwell, says: “The New Generation Scania vehicles offer everything that the drivers want – extra storage and a comfortable bed – and having shiny new trucks definitely makes a difference to the employees. Want to see how much our drivers care about their vehicles? Take a look at the wash at 3am in a morning, you’ll see them all lined up about to be washed so that they can take a picture of it and put it on their social media.”

Since using the New Generation S 500’s delivered in 2018, Spiers & Hartwell has experienced improved fuel efficiency with an average increase of 12 percent across the fleet.

Adrian adds: “We achieve 9.5mpg with the new vehicles, we were getting 8-8.5mpg with the previous generation. As you can imagine, with a fleet of 50 trucks this can quickly add up. We have a long-term partnership with Scania. Some companies may think that using one company for everything – vehicles, telematics, driver training, repair and maintenance – is a risk, but for us it’s a comfort knowing that everything is being taken care of by Scania and makes it simpler for us. ”

All the new vehicles have three years Repair & Maintenance contracts and will be serviced at Keltruck Droitwich, along with the other Scania’s on the fleet.

Spiers & Hartwell