InHealth, the UK’s largest provider of mobile medical diagnostic services, has taken delivery of two Scania S 500 twin-steer tractor units from Scania (Great Britain) Limited.  Supplied with fully inclusive five-year repair and maintenance agreements, these are the first two Scania trucks to enter service with InHealth.

The two trucks are both S 500 A6x2/4NA Highline models featuring Scania’s 13-litre 500 horsepower engine driving through Scania’s fully automated Opticruise gear-selection system.  The repair and maintenance agreements are based on a mileage of 80,000 kilometres per annum over their five-year in-service life with InHealth, with all work being carried out by Scania’s Banbury service centre.

“We are delighted to welcome these first two new generation Scania trucks into our fleet,” comments InHealth’s Director of Operations, Graham Ogden.  “In addition to proven fuel economy and aftersales service we can rely on, purchasing trucks with a low environmental impact was a key factor underpinning our decision to opt for Scania.  As an organisation, we keep a conscious eye on being as green as possible and were impressed by Scania’s approach to sustainability.

“Branding and image also matter to us; our vehicles are high profile, being positioned predominantly in NHS hospital or community settings with a large patient/public footfall. As healthcare providers, it is important to demonstrate our commitment to quality in every undertaking, so the credibility and security of the Scania brand is important for us, as is the image they project out on the road – an image we feel is exceptional.

“Finally, I have to add that our drivers wanted Scania.  Ultimately, the trucks are their workplace, their office and their personal home during the week, so we endeavour to respect their opinions when it comes to vehicle selection.  We look to provide high specification trucks, which we allow our drivers to enhance with accessories of their choice, providing it does not detract from the brand or our own image.  Consequently, we have some great looking trucks in the fleet and our overall driver retention rate is good.”

InHealth serves NHS trusts, community health centres and private hospitals and operates 35 trucks to haul its highly specialised, high value 110-strong trailer fleet, which are predominately manufactured by Lamboo, Smit Medical and Bence.  Upon arrival on site, it is the responsibility of the driver to set up the trailer and ensure its equipment, including all medical and IT installations, is fully operational so that when the clinical staff arrive on site they can simply switch everything on and start working immediately.

Included within the company’s trailer inventory are mobile MRI, CT and PET CT scanners, and trailers containing, for example, breast screening, endoscopy, audiology, mammography, X-ray and bone density measurement equipment.  In addition, the company provides Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS) units, which involves up to six trailers being linked together to provide a fully equipped temporary medical facility.  Typically, CATS include a reception and waiting area together with consulting, physiotherapy and treatment rooms.

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing