In combination with Scania’s new truck generation introduction, Scania (Great Britain) Limited and its UK dealer network are today focusing on three key areas – uptime, productivity, and partnership – to ensure operators derive the best possible return on their investment. 

“The pressures on transport operators today mean that assets are required to perform as never before if profitability is to be maintained and developed,” says Andrew Jamieson, Scania’s UK Sales Director.  “At Scania, we believe that providing an industry-leading range of highly fuel-efficient vehicles is no longer enough, so we now take a holistic approach to ensure total operating economy is achieved in every respect.  In short, we can break down what we do into the three areas; uptime, productivity and partnership.”


All contracts for Scania’s new truck generation include elements of flexible maintenance.  Here, real time operating data is used to develop optimal maintenance plans tailored to operators needs.  With up-to-date data being used throughout, flexible maintenance allows downtime to be planned, thereby maximising operator uptime.


Here, Scania works to increase payload, optimise body building and drive productivity up by using telematics data to provide a range of efficiency-enhancing services.  Branded Scania Optimise Services, Scania’s telematics-derived services include driver training and ongoing coaching based on real time data which can be accessed via Scania’s secure portal and app and is used to evaluate fleet and driver performance.  Regular conversations with drivers provide the ongoing coaching needed to maintain performance improvements following training and enables higher goals and targets to be set and achieved over the long term.


While Scania Optimise Services and flexible maintenance are both embodiments of present day partnerships with operators, Scania is able to take its collaborations further through a range of bespoke solutions individually tailored to customer needs and demands.  One example here is customised training, where Scania develops driver training for specific applications, for example, for construction operators whose drivers spend a proportion of their time off road.  A second example is Scania Financial Services, which offers a wide choice of vehicle acquisition and insurance products.  Other services provided by Scania today include all-makes servicing for trucks, trailers and ancillaries, and all-makes parts supply via its VRS brand.

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing