Keltruck’s Chairman, Chris Kelly, writes to The Birmingham Post.

Dear Sir, Tom McGrath’s letter (Post, July 20), writing as head of the CEPOG, the Highways Engineers grouping for the region, could, I feel, mislead readers.

I wrote to The Post  (July 17) claiming the so-called “consultation process” for road schemes was a sham, many adding to delays getting around the region, and that, I believed, most councils fell short in their duty to consult, giving an example in Sandwell recently.

Guessing that the council operates a post recording system, I asked for proof of posting of this notice from the council, only to be told that these notices were not posted at all, but “hand delivered”. Really? Is this how the council now sends out such notices, and if so, is this a good use of its employees’ time?

One of my team spent a half-day contacting the head of every business in the immediate area, and not one, not one, said that they had received the notice!

Tom must surely know that he as the “boss” is laying himself wide open to public criticism.

The private sector could never get away with this sort of behaviour, and is it not high time that the “Investors in People” plaques etc that adorn so many of our public buildings really meant something to those at the top of our public services? People like Tom must really start taking constructive criticism seriously, instead of defending the defenceless.

Keltruck Ltd

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing