Chris Kelly, Chairman & Managing Director, urges you to sign the British Chambers of Commerce petition against this proposed new tax on businesses.

A Workplace Parking Levy (WPPL) is a charge made on employers with car parking spaces on their premises. Parking spaces liable for a levy are those provided for staff or certain types of business visitors. Nottingham City Council are on the brink of introducing a WPPL which will see employers in Nottingham liable for a levy in the region of £185 rising to around £350 (plus inflation) for each individual car parking space per year. The funds raised will be invested in the city’s proposed metro investment.

Keltruck’s Chris Kelly opposes the WPPL. Chris & the British Chambers of Commerce believe it is an unacceptable tax on businesses at any time but particularly as we enter recession. Chris has been assured that the UK Chamber of Commerce network is working to ensure that the WPPL is NOT implemented in Nottingham or anywhere else in the UK.

If the Chamber network are to convince the Secretary of State for Transport to reject Nottingham’s application for the introduction of WPPL, we need business people from across the UK to join our campaign & complete this petition by Thursday 5 March:

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Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing