Dauson Environmental Group have once again chosen Keltruck to build up their mainly Scania fleet.

The company’s South Wales based fleets were supplied by Richard Woodland, Account Manager, who commented:

Thank you to Dauson Environmental Group for their continued loyalty to Keltruck and Scania.

I was delighted to assist with Dauson’s further expansion by arranging the delivery of their latest batch of new trucks out of an order of 26 tippers, five hookloaders and two skiploaders.

The latest tippers delivered to Neal Soil Suppliers have the added benefit of Scania’s new, high-level, heavy-duty air filtration system – the first of their kind supplied in the UK.

Atlantic Recycling ordered the five hookloaders and two 18ton skiploaders with drawbar couplings, all with Hyva equipment fitted and serviced by Reload Systems.

They also had a requirement for multiple tractor units with eight Scania R500 XT twin tag tractor units going into service last year.

Dauson Environmental Group member company Neal Soil Suppliers Limited was established in 1992 and predominantly operates recycled aggregates and muck away operations with sister company Atlantic Recycling focusing on construction waste recycling operations. They have run used Scanias since 1997 but their initial engagement with Keltruck dates to 2018 when they purchased their first four Scania tipper trucks supplied by Richard. These trucks, still in service and under Keltruck Cardiff full R&M, marked the beginning of a valued partnership.

Since their inaugural purchase, Neal Soils has demonstrated unwavering trust in the Scania product and Keltruck’s Cardiff branch. In 2019 they ordered 47 vehicles, followed by an additional 33 units in 2022 to support their expanding operations, with an additional 8 tractors in 2023, all due to their exceptional reliability, fuel economy and Keltruck’s servicing.

The on-going supply of Scania vehicles by Keltruck is expected to continue into the future, not least following the introduction into the fleet of the first ultra-efficient ‘Scania Super’ engines which are already resulting in a remarkable 20% improvement in fuel efficiency, significantly enhancing operational cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, the high specification of Dauson’s vehicles, all equipped with full XT packages – keeping durability, driver comfort and safety a priority – along with the Thompson tipper bodies are proving to be a winning combination. Meanwhile the Hyva hookloader and skiploader equipment fitted and serviced by Reload coupled with comprehensive R&M services managed by Keltruck’s Cardiff depot is ensuring minimal downtime in this fast-paced industry environment.

Dauson’s vehicles are purchased with 2+2 service agreements and Keltruck managers maintain regular communication between both Keltruck and Dauson sites, with many of their trucks continuing R&M with extension contacts, ensuring proactive support to meet evolving operational needs.

Dauson Environmental Group
Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing

Richard Woodland
Account Manager
Mob: +44 7775 533 493