“Scania as my preferred marque is a poorly kept secret, with me specifying these trucks from my excellent local dealer Keltruck Ltd for the past 31 years”, says Mike Ponsonby BA. “But this one is uniquely different, for it was one of only two P112 320 trucks ever supplied in the UK which were originally intended as 6×4 skip loader chassis for use in the Netherlands. However, the spec suited me down to the ground as they were fitted with Scania’s economical 320 BHP engine, 10 speed transmission and double-drive rear bogie, all of which made it perfect as a brick delivery truck. So, my experienced friends at Keltruck Ltd set about modifying the end of the frame by:

(a) Cutting off the steel overhang beyond the rear spring hanger brackets.

(b) Then chamfering each main rail to produce space for run-up ramps, then…

(c) Fitting a fifth wheel just ahead of the bogie centreline (CL) .

“This was the end result, so please forgive the poor quality scanned image from 1987, but the final product was two excellent tractor units of 38 tonnes GCW with a payload of circa 25 tonnes and coupled to a purpose built trailer with donkey engine driven mounted crane for speedy turnaround on site. Driver Reg is out of shot, but he was delighted with his new Scania back in 1987, his first from this quality manufacturer. Five years later in 1992 Reg was was still of the same opinion: “An excellent truck, well suited for delivery of these excellent engineering bricks.”

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing