Keltruck driving their customers into the future with gas-powered Scania vehicle

Keltruck, the largest independently owned Scania distributor in the world, is managed today by an experienced team of executive directors who look to the future while being rightly proud of their past.

The progressive outlook of the leadership team ensures that Keltruck customers are offered the very latest vehicles and kept fully informed of industry trends and developments. This expertise is the foundation for long standing client relationships – including LKQ Euro Car Parts, who Keltruck have worked with for over a decade and recently supplied with 30 compressed natural gas (CNG) tractor units, a powerful solution for cleaner transportation.

Scania gas engines are known for their fuel efficiency with great drivability, low fuel consumption and a range of up to 1,700km. Gas powertrains are available with P/G/R/S-series cabs, meaning that they can be used for urban rigid operations, all the way through to long-distance haulage.

An articulated truck with a gross weight of up to 40 tonnes can drive 1,100 kilometres without refuelling (under favourable conditions). With twin fuel tanks on a rigid truck, the range is approximately 1,700 kilometres. With biogas in the tanks, CO₂ reduction can be as much as 90 percent compared to a similar diesel engine.

It’s no secret that transport is a major source of fossil fuel CO₂ emissions, but being a major source also comes with the ability to achieve major reductions: Natural Gas CNG/LNG can reduce CO₂ emissions by 15-20%, and biogas CNG/LNG by an incredible 90%.

Noise pollution is reduced too, as gas engines typically run more quietly than their diesel counterparts, with the 13-litre engine meeting the PIEK noise limitation standard.

Scania gas-powered trucks strike an excellent balance between fuel cost, low emissions, power and range. A 9-litre engine for lighter urban operations and a 13-litre engine suited to heavier loads makes gas power a viable option for a multitude of uses.

Ryan Cleary, Head of Transport at LKQ Euro Car Parts, explains that they chose Scania CNG vehicles to “enable a reduction in our CO₂ footprint and move us towards a more sustainable future. We’ve had them running in our fleet for more than six months and they are performing well in all areas of the business.”

Jon-Paul Allenza, Keltruck Scania Account Manager, was delighted to support LKQ Euro Car Parts with their purchase of 30 CNG tractor units, with more to follow. Jon-Paul says:

Their combination of fuel costs, low emissions and range make them a great choice for a number of operations and will help drive the shift to a more sustainable transport environment.

Adam Vyse, LKQ Euro Car Parts Fleet Compliance Manager, explains that:

We aim to have 100% Scania trucks in our fleet by 2024. Keltruck have been supplying and maintaining our fleet for over ten years and we look forward to continuing with that strong and consistent relationship for years to come.

The transition to a Scania exclusive fleet is set to continue in the new year when Keltruck will proudly supply LKQ Euro Car Parts with 10 CNG Scania rigid vehicles thanks to the success of the existing CNG Scania tractor units.

All of LKQ Euro Car Parts’ Scania vehicles are fully maintained by Keltruck Scania’s Tamworth depot on five-year full repair and maintenance packages. The standard repair and maintenance from the factory is two to three years. The extended maintenance service shows the level of reassurance Keltruck give customers, who are then able to relax knowing that their vehicles are running correctly in order to concentrate on their business.



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