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Vehicle Related Services

Keltruck Scania workshops offer all the skills and services needed for your trailer and superstructure. We take care of your entire vehicle, from dedicated expertise to quality spare parts, ensuring uptime in no time, wherever you are.

All your service needs are met in one place. You enjoy the convenience and quick uptime, which translates to profitability. No matter how big or small the assignment, we will always commit our immediate and full attention.

In our global service network together with the mobile services of Scania Assistance, help is just around the corner.

Contact your local Keltruck Scania workshop
For more information about our workshop services or to negotiate a favourable maintenance contract, please contact your local workshop.

Highly trained service technicians work with the latest generation of diagnostic equipment and specialist tools to deliver service of the highest possible standards. Your complete needs in one workshop reduce administration, downtime and cost. And you are back in business in no time.Our workshops include the following services for trailers and superstructures.


Maintenance and repair of axles, hubs and wheels, brakes and compressed air systems, frames, electrical systems and general inspections.


Maintenance and repair of tail-lift, including cylinders and manoeuvring unit.


Maintenance and repair of cargo shifter, tipper equipment, hydraulic pumps, tanks, cylinders and hoses.


Maintenance and repair of filters, electrical components, couplings, rubber rings, bolts and mechanical wear-and-tear parts.


Workshop necessities such as hand tools, safety equipment, absorbents and chemicals. High quality products at reasonable prices are readily available in the store at the workshop.

A Scania service technician is a true workshop artist who will not be satisfied until you are.

The moment you enter one of our workshops you will understand why not just anyone can be a Scania service technician. Our experts consider cabs, engines, axles, tyres and bodywork their family and friends and will solve any problem you throw at them. They will also suggest improvements you hadn’t thought about, or knew were even possible. Whether the assignment is big or small, the goal is always the same: To make the most out of your vehicle, so that you can make the most out of your business.

Behind the widely recognised skills of our service technicians are several important factors, these being the most crucial:

Training – Our service technicians are already highly educated to begin with and they receive on-going training for every type of vehicle, equipment and product available.

Motivation – A Scania service technician will not be satisfied until you are.

As a leading manufacturer of heavy vehicles we fully understand the conditions of transportation as a business. We know exactly how much an unscheduled stop can cost. Not just in money, but in the confidence of your customers.

This is why our workshops are there for you whatever the time, the place or your need. Since getting you back on the road as fast as possible is of greatest importance, our booking system is made to prioritise problems that can be solved right away. This means that a broken rear view mirror or a flat tyre won’t ruin your entire schedule. Should the challenge be more demanding, we will do whatever it takes to get it fixed.

Most service assignments are done while the driver waits. Others may take a bit longer. Either way, we will give you an accurate time estimate so you can plan your drivers’ working day accordingly. Even though our workshops are clean, comfortable and serve great coffee, we don’t want to keep any driver longer than necessary. There are as many reasons to choose a Scania workshop as there are fleet owners and drivers. The main reason however, is the unbeatable efficiency of letting the same people who know your vehicle from the inside out, take care of all service needs at the same time.

Contact your local Keltruck Scania workshop
For more information about our workshop services, or to negotiate a favourable maintenance contract, please contact your local workshop.

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