A round-up of the latest news from Keltruck Aftersales.

With effect from 11th November, the contract for the repair and maintenance of the fleet based at Tipton came to an end. Keltruck have now taken over the R&M contracts for a further 12 months. This is a boost of confidence for Derek Rowley and his team from Kwiksave.


Paul Mundie and his team have just taken delivery of a new set of Somers vehicle lifts. This should help to improve the efficiency within the confines of the limited space in the depot. Administration flow continues to improve with work in progress now well under control. Well done to the team! The Cheltenham depot welcome new starter Alan Meade as workshop technician. Paul Mundie would like to pass on his compliments to the depot staff on their concerted efforts over the past month – keep up the good work!


October was an extremely busy month with all departments exceeding budgets. Recycling was boosted by large export orders from Taiwan, Malta and Syria. Toby and his Bodyshop team had a ‘stormer’ and well done to Paul Loach, Bob Venables and the Aftersales team.

John Biggin, Operations Director, writes: “Just a note to acknowledge all the hard work put in by the Contracts department, particularly with the management of the Lloyds contract over the last five years, which has inevitably helped the company with the replacement fleet order.”

Russ Warner, West Bromwich Depot General Manager, writes: “Welcome to two new starters in the West Bromwich depot Parts department – Darren Kitching (Parts Apprentice) and Russell Adey (Inter Depot Delivery Driver). Congratulations to Susan Jakeways (Service Receptionist) who is going to be a Nan for the fourth time! We wish her Daughter well.

Congratulations to Bob Venables who has successfully passed his Depot Managers course in October – well done!”

Andrew Bentley, MInst SMM
Head of Vehicle Contracts and Marketing